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55 thoughts on “FEEDBACK!

  1. Just dropping by to tell that I’m enjoying the interviews, esp. Sooji’s. God, I couldn’t really believe that she had the “DREAM JOB” of any fangirl! Keep it up! :D


  2. Just wanted to say that this site is awesome, and I really love all the interviews. I really only got into kpop 3 years ago and actually started reading kpop fanfiction in 2008. So it’s really cool to hear from some of the “old timers” about what kpop used to be like. I think it would be really cool if you detailed all the trends in kpop fanfiction and discussed popular pairings. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading and I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the interviews seaofstars (: I’ll definitely work on covering trends and popular pairings in the future ^^

    1. That’d definitely be cool/interesting but I think I’ll have to see a more active community in the comment section before adding one >_< I'll keep this in mind for sure though!!

      Thanks :D <3

  3. Hi fancracked! thanks for running this site. it’s interesting to know what kpop fanfiction was like in the past~ and also, just wanted to know that it would be cool if you did something about yourself and your love for fanfiction :P

    1. thanks for stopping by! sorry i don’t know your name ^^;; but i’m glad you’re enjoying the blog ^^ we’ll see about any personal stuff haha~ maybe in the future ^^

      – fancracked

  4. hi! thanks for putting up thao’s interview! i haven’t seen her on soompi in forever! ^ ^ good to hear from her again. thanks! :D

  5. i’m the writer for “falling in love with the enemy” and… i’m wondering if you can delete it off your listing? XD i’m too embarrassed by it, i believe it was my first fic… =_= in exchange, i’m willing to fork up my other fics?

    thanks? :)

    1. Hey vifz,
      I’ll take it down and would love to have your other fics in the library ^^*
      I’ll send you an e-mail in case you don’t see this (:
      – fancracked

  6. WOW I just looked at your library page (yes I’m slow, sorry :P)…amazing! :D Thank you so much! I haven’t read any new fics for a while now…once it gets to holidays…I know what I will be doing haha. :)

    1. hey *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.*, glad to hear from you (: the majority of these fics are older ones though i will be updating with newer ones in the future as well. hope you enjoy your browse through the library ^^

  7. wah! I’m so happy I’ve found this site~ I haven’t got access to my soompi acc, so I had to find another resource for ng kpop fanfics~ ty for compiling them togethe ^^

  8. just wanted to drop by and say how in love i am with this site! do you guys take suggestions for fics and authors by the way?

    1. if you have someone/something you’d like to see up, feel free to leave a message ^^ i can’t guarantee anything but i promise to consider your suggestions ^^

  9. I absolutely love how you have your interviews! I love reading interviews from my favorite writers on Soompi!
    This is awesome! I’ll definitely drop by again! <3

    1. Hey Carpe, I’ll definitely look into this as well ^^
      & I update the library whenever I’m free (: If you have any files you’d like to add or if you’d like to give any suggestions on what you’d like to see added, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail (timevaulted[AT] At the moment the library has older kpop fics but I plan on expanding it ^^

    1. hey anna, i believe con.template doesn’t want outside distribution of her fic which is why i don’t have it uploaded in the library. as for the timeline, that is its own separate matter since it is highlighting the history of fics.

  10. Thanks for clearing that up! I did notice a lot of the fics listed in the Library are older fics and none of the newer ones. I really miss them and I’m glad to find them here! I miss the old Soompi, you could tell by ratings and comments which fanfics to read first. Now it’s so hard! I wish they would have set up that section again, anyways, thank you for putting this together. It’s like traveling back in time! Hope to see some newer fics in here also, there are some really good new ones as well. Thanks again.

    1. hey J, glad to hear from you ^^ i’m wondering if you posted a lot on soompi back in the day? (what was your SN if you don’t mind me asking ^^ — you can message me via gmail (timevaulted) if you’d rather not say it here ^^). thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Just wanted to say that your site is great – its really nice to see some of these old fics again! Thanks for running such a nice site. : )

  12. Thank you for making this website! Whenever I feel like reading a fic, i just drop by and browse through your library :3 It’s so hard to find old fics these days! ><" THANK YOU :D

  13. Hello :) Thank you for providing us these good fic. Your links are keeping me alive while I’m still on my vacation ^^
    ahmm,,I just wanna ask, do you have a complete internet novel of Guiyeoni which is called ‘Syndrome?

    1. Hey Anne! Sorry for this late response. I don’t have a complete version of Syndrome. I’m not sure if it was ever finished (or finished translated) — for some reason, I keep thinking this was the fic of Guiyeoni’s that she was sued for (for plagiarism) so that might be the reason why there is no complete version of it. — From what I can recall, the translator on Soompi continued to translate it on tumblr ^^

  14. Hi, uh, starforme?

    You sent me this fic blog site about a year ago, and I’m sorry for only getting around it now. I haven’t been on soompi in while, but I completely regret it!
    This is amazing. You’re doing a great job. As a k-pop reader who started back in the old days, your blog is totally a treasure trove.
    I’ll definitely be around!



    Could I just start off by saying your seriously amazing for indulging me in my love for fan fictions again. These past couple of weeks I’ve spent sleepless nights staying up and reading! Reading some of these fan fics give me renewed hope that one day I’ll finish one of my own FF’s :)

    1. staying up reading fics is the best feeling in the world! bwahaha i’m happy to hear that you enjoyed visiting and wish you luck on your own writing journey! fighting ^^

    1. Hey there! Sorry but I believe dearskye requested for no copies of her work so I never saved it. You can try messaging her on Soompi if you can’t find the fic ^^;

      Best of luck,

  16. hello…
    i’m newbie in AFF. this site is awesome. so far i enjoy staying here.
    i just wanna ask something about recent change in the site. is it me or is it new policy, since the fanfics are not listed based the time they’re posted. usually, the new updates are listed on the top, but since yesterday, they’re randomly listed. the latest update appears on the very bottom of the page.
    thank you… :)

  17. This is very helpful to finding some old titles i used to love. Ohmygosh! :)
    Kudos to the compilers, Thank you very much!
    Since Shoebox has been offline, I don’t know where to download the pdf or doc files anymore.. and I can’t find my old time faves -sigh-

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