Unfinished Fics

#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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100 Paper Cranes by ix3

100 Reasons by Starlette

2 Hearts by Yisa

65 Days With A Bastard by sw33t3st_m3mori3s

A Beautiful Life by torn_between_two_lovers

A Flower Boy’s Contagious Allergies by starbite

A Merciless Mirage by evekisara

TF – A Special Decree translated by molagirl

A Thousand Words by prophecy

Abused Love by incompletee

Acidia by TheGirl

Addicted || Infatuated by strawberrii chuu

All It Takes by vietgirl604

Always a Part of Me by LiL_EternaL_DreameR

Amore Complacentiae by jyl (Big Bang)

An Uhljjang Saved My Life by babyy luckii

Angel From Hell by just-that-girl

Appollinian by harphe

As He Taught Me Korean by sweettart88

Attention Seeker Attitude Problem by 2335072748

Bittersweet by Periwinkle

Blood Type B Male’s Loneliness Syndrome by BABO x3

Bloodsong Pt. II by sleepii

TF – Born To Be by Shin_kt

Boy Next Door by silver_dream

Breaking the Ice by gemmilee

Calculating the Love Points by Jeshika

Can You Keep A Secret by cloudyvision

Can’t Let You Go, Cross My Heart by miseki

Cast Away by prophecy

TF- Chaconne in G-Minor translated by sue

Cherry Blossom by slvrstar

Chocolates and Rain by rowena

City Script by dilbangee

Cliche by gemmilee

Coffee  Boy vs. Girl Friday by Jeshika

Completely Incomplete by fcuk4her

Corrupted Dreams of the Teenage Schizophrenic by etoile

Could I Have This Kiss Forever by JkAn931

Crazy Beautiful by __SKIES

Crowing Mister and Miss Korea by D-liriousXvt

Deus Ex Machina by katika

Diva With Two Voices by GArDen MiNt

Erit dans les Etoiles by phoenix

Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones by ivu_no_kane

TF – Extraordinary! Shin Girl Side Stories 

Eyes of Stone by sweetsnow90

Falling in Love by magz486

Feminine Wiles by Aramis

Figments of the Myth by J K (Shinhwa)

Finding Love in the Boys Bathroom by MiStReSS JaDe

First Kiss by liddo x sammy

Fishy | Kitty by JAMIE

Forced Marriage A Life After One by freda

Get the HELL Away From Me by ExplicitBaby

Ggangpae Boyfriend by J.a.

Girl Got Game by G_Dragon

Glass Ceiling by FanDango

Go Go Green Girl by AsianRice

Going To School In Korea by X DAM1N X

TF – Gongo’s Jjang translated by blublusky

Grains of Sand by krazed

Hate At First Sight by MizzprEEETy

Hating You by Polaris

Haven by J K

He Was Just For Sex by chelle

Help or Die by Mizutenshi

Her Waters, My Self Portrait by SoJu

Hotel Classic by seissa

TF – How To Excite Snow White translated by ikiss87

I Am SangGo’s 1 Queenka by saba may ma

I Do. by bivue

I’m An Exchange Student To… Where by justpeachy

TF – I’m No. 1 by JiBongie

Ice Prince by 012krnshinhwa

Immaculate Brace by kim–cHi

Impossible Not To Love

Innocent Eyes by Amaranth/Moe

I’m WHAT by ExplicitBaby

Just a Dare by jjang

Just When How Long

Kill Me Kiss Me by –CLUELESS

Kim Jaejoong Exposed by crimson_soul

Kimi ga Suki by Aramis

Learning English by xxEileen27

Lemon Drops by sillylittlebeans

Life With You by BLACKSKY

Like A Sad Melody by Eudemonia

Like Water by 1tYm4mYmiNd

Linked To You (Side Story 1) by anika

Listless Endeavors of a Boy’s Life by shewasaboydestroyer

Love Is… by HatsuHaruko

Martyrdom by Sungie _gal 88 

Memories in Melody by Testu-Taka & crazylilVV

Midnight Wakeup Calls by justme.

Mission Ugly to Gorgeous by LEE-SAA

Misunderstood by Christine Kim

Mr. Conceited Loves Somebody by trust me

Mr. Shady by TheGirl

Mud Pie Prelude by lusceil 

Murmuring by dilbangee

TF – Music Time translated by hannuhxbannanuh

My Classmate the Barbarian by peekaboo

My Geeky Tutor by the_liddo_princess

TF – My Love, My Slave Side Stories translated by nGk2M

TF – My Love The Jerk by lee haet neem

My Lunch Buddy by kiki

My Next-Door Neighbor by stardreamer

My Shooting Star by aynjelized

My Sweet Revenge by BBeaR

Need For Speed 2 by lil_bobatea

Nerd + Jjang = Error by Sarahhhx3

Nostalgia, Insomnia by laurie

Not Your Average Love Story by Tygrrlilly


Notre Histoire by Prophecy

Nowuhna by NAI. (1tym, Hyori, Big Bang)

Office Relationships by Volatile 

TF – Outsider by guiyeoni

Oh My Japanese Boy by thischarmingseoul

Orange Juice Is His Beer by Stephanie

TF – Paparazzi translated by tK 

Passing Days by dDalgeE

Philophobia by Aegis

Pink – My One And Only Color by nehlong

Planning Five Different Steps by ..doremi..

Poisonous Kiss by 사랑해

Prince Charming

Project Lumiere by TheGirl

Psych by TygrrLilly


Pure Innocence by chaoticrose

Radiant Periphery of 1000 Pianos by kim–cHi

Reckless Angel by Shinhwa

Red Angel by cirrus

Redemptive by Aramis

Rules to date a Uhljjang by lil_cutie10

Sacred Gardens by crystalis 

Sadistic Lies by sen

Sakura Falls 

Second Round by tofu

Shattered Pieces by swtster

Shinhwa Chronicles by crystal blue

Singing For Her by silver

Snowflakes and Daffodils by superstarrr_mel

Spring Angel by jyl

Stealing Cupid by shades

Story of 1000 Cranes by happy619

Sweet Queenka vs Stubborn Kingka by joan

TF – Talk Back And You’re Dead

TF – Teddy Boy translated by sugarplum

Tenuous Hold On Being by loungelizard

TF – The 100 Day Contract translated by haejin

That Cool Girl’s Dangerous Roommate

The Abominable Beast by phally

The Bastard I Love by DaintY

The Call of Tears by d4rkxlov3

The Christmas Child by smooglez

The Cover-up by jyl

The Crazy Dare by Jaded Heart

The Death of Me by vifzettamomo

The Depressing Life of a Whore by WonderWoman 

The Guys of Gang Nam by furball  

The Lady and the Stable Boy by Strawberry Crush

The List by delster

The Porcelain Doll by josarang by chaoticrose

The Prayer by xXAtLBaByThUg420Xx

The President of My Fanclub by padlet

The Pretty Boy Who Thinks I’m Pregnant by Crazy_LuLu

The Seeds of Enmity by jenL

The Uhljjang Poser by flycmagurl

There Ain’t No Pretty Word for Pain by E S C A L A Y D E E

Those Stupid Uhljjangs by QueenM

TF – To Be Partial by Wang Gi Dae

To Be With You by 1tYm4mYmiNd

TF – To Eun Kum by LovelyGirl

Twisted Fates by tomoe

Uhljjang vs The Prince by oHKa-Na

Uhlzzangs = Conceited Losers by Hannah Kim

Unexpected Love

Unreturned Love by Freda

Untitled by grrrumpy

Veiling of the Sun by romelee (1tym (Taebin), Park Shinhye, KAT-TUN)

TF – Unbalance by guiyeoni

Wanting Her by lil_bobatea

We Belong Together by OrangeTiger

What I Never Knew by misz jay

What I Never Knew Side Story by misz jay

Why Me by blu_dreamer

TF – WILD-KISS by 사랑해

Wondrous Child’s Play by Akemi-Chan

Writing To You by 120391

TF – Young Mother translated by LovelyGirl & Aramis

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