#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

**Please comment or e-mail timevaulted[AT] if a link is broken!

TF – 49 Days For a Second Chance translated by minusky/Strawberry Crush (Shinhwa)

TF –  – His Warning – Don’t Pester Me by Starchies

TF – If I marry at 18, when will we have a baby by PureKyeSang

TF – DOBYUK PRINCESS translated by minusky (Shinhwa)

TF – Engaged at the age of 8 – posted by DongWanZzang (Shinhwa, SES)

TF – Love Inside Silence, Part I by Sue (HOT)

TF – Love Inside Silence Part II by Sue (HOT)


TF – Paint It Black translated by sue (HOT) *yaoi

TF – A Wolf’s Attraction translated by jenI

TF – Bothering The Prince by DL

TF – Don’t Come Near Me Or Else translated by hana

TF – DoReMi translated by susan

TF – DoReMi Side Story 1 translated by susan

TF – Extraordinary Shin Girl translated by swtkrnbabiez

TF – Glass Slipper by Elijah translated by sue (Shinhwa)

TF – I’m Mr Ssagaji’s Wife translated by trust me

TF – Last Letter translated by sue (GOD)

TF – LOVE THAT COMES AFTER DEATH translated by joy (HOT)

TF – Love translated by molagirl

TF – My Crazy and Cohabitual Life With That Handsome Guy by Hwina

TF – My Love My Slave translated by nGk2M

TF – One Day My Heart Told Me translated by Anti_Goorah (unfinished but highly recommended!)

TF – That Naive Iijeen Guy by Kkoma Sae

TF – The Guy Holding The Flowers by AngMaChunSa, translated by nGk2M

TF – The Guy was Muhshesuh translated by Susan

TF – The Guy was MuSheSuh Side Story 1 translated by Susan

TF – The Guy was MuSheSuh Side Story 2 translated by Susan

TF – The Requirements to be a Pretty Boy translated by r0sesareblue

TF – The Worlds Best Guy translated by jenI

TF – To A Beautiful Wolf translated by swtkrn012

TF – To Make Him Laugh translated by swtkrn012

TF – TOY translated by minusky (Shinhwa)

TF – True Love translated by sue (Shinhwa)

19 thoughts on “TF’s

  1. honestly,

    thanks you very much, I was down all week but then I discovered your website and it gave me the occasion to found all those stories I used to read and all so i’m really really happy.

    Thanks again for the hardwork.


    1. hey sabrina! great to hear from you — also great to hear that you were able to find these old works (: sometimes i get into a TF mood as well ^^

  2. Yes, TFs. I really love TFs and the past few weeks I’ve gone on hour search sessions for as many old and new TFs as I could find. Thank you so much for these, and all the other fanfics on this site. ^^

  3. Hi! I appreciate your efforts for putting all these translated fics. It must have been a lot of work. I’m sorry to ask, but I was curious if you had the translated fic “The Guy Holding Flowers”. I’m not sure who it was written and translated by. Thanks so much for your efforts!

    1. Hey Pretty,
      I didn’t realize I missed that fic on the list! I’ve uploaded it and added it on so you should be able to find it now ^^ I really loved reading that TF! (:
      – fancracked

  4. hey, thanks for posting all of these. I used to collect them too but my old lappied crashed and i was so devastated. Btw, do you happen to have “teddy boy”. It was one of my favourites. Anyways really appreciated the effort :)

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for compiling all these awesome fics. I was quite heartbroken for a few years cos the forum I used to visit closed down. Then I found yours a couple of weeks ago and I was overjoyed! Thank you thank you thank you very much! These are gold. :)

    1. Hey hainens agor,
      There aren’t as many translators anymore so we haven’t seen a lot of TFs in the recent years. Your best bet would be to visit Soompi though I don’t think I’ve seen any newly translated pieces there. Some bloggers on LJ/wordpress will also post translations independently but again, I haven’t seen any recent TFs so I can’t direct you to anyone in particular. If you’re looking for a particular TF/TFs featuring certain gasoos, I’d recommend posting on fansites/fan communities related to them and asking if anyone could direct you further :) — I know DBSG LJ communities will post translations here and there for very popular pairing fics.
      One of the “newer” TFs that I’d recommend is Secret Garden though the translator never finished translating it. You can find it here:
      Best of luck!

  6. Is TF – Engaged at the age of 8 – posted by DongWanZzang (Shinhwa, SES) only got 18 chapter?? coz it’s feel like unfinished story…:(

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