#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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sacrifice by tommyboy27 (FTTS, Boa)

SANG.MIN by fatsoko

Silent by dilbangee (HOT)

Say My Name by GeMMi LeE (FTTS)

Season’s Changes by dilbangee (HOT, 1tym, Shinhwa)

Secret of Gardenias by JENNY* (Shinhwa, Kim Taehee, Hyori)

Secrets by clover (Shinhwa, Bi)

Sentiment by xerces (Sechskies)

Serene by sasian (Shinhwa, FTTS, Milk)

Shades of Love by summer’s sweetie (DBSG)

Shy Love by BrianJooS1004 (Click-B)

Silver by YK (FTTS)

Sixteen Pink Balloons by n.a.p. (Big Bang, DBSG)

Skool Days by L.L. (Shinhwa, S.E.S., Boa…)

Sky Blue by anonymous (HOT)

Sleepless by dilbangee (HOT)

Smj– Story Time by melonbar92 (DBSG)

Soh Mang by sooji (Shinhwa)

Sorry by qweeererooqweer

SPICE girl~ by Yui. (Jang Riin, Super Junior, DBSG)

Spring Angel by jyl

Star-Crossed Lovers by Miss Bouakham (Song Seunghyun, So Jisup, Song Hyegyo…)

Stay Still For Me by fatsoko

Still in Love by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

Stop Dance by anirtak

Storm by FJ2S (HOT)

Strawberry Milkshakes by hazel

Strawberry Shortcake’s Single Flaw by kawaki

Stupid by AnnChan

Subway Stop by vifz

Sunshines of My Life by desipoop (DBSG)

Sun Shower by Veneer (DBSG)

Sweet but Sour by 1TYM 4mYmiND (Shinhwa)

Sweet Dreams by bluebyul912 (Shinhwa)

Sweet Rain by danbee (HOT)

Sweet Times by teRRi (Click-B)

Sylvia by club_eden (FTTS)

Tangerine Songs from the Angel’s Cradle by ivu_no_kane (DBSG, Shinhwa)

Tantalizing Touch Of A Night’s Lustrous Ember by smeagol ring (DBSG)

Teddy Bears and the Trouble Makers by J.a

Telepathy by breathless./lovexglitter (2PM)

Temptation of the Innocent by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

Thank You by keiko (HOT)

The Bets by local_gurl (HOT, S.E.S., FinKL…)

The Bum Who Fell into a Pothole by lilshinhwafreak

The Call by SoJu (Sechskies, FTTS, 1tym…)

The Corner of the Circle by dilbangee (HOT)

The Cure to Cancer by Hyekyung (FTTS)

The Dare by babyanika (1tym, Se7en)

The Eternity Drug by faithless (HOT, Shinhwa)

The Garden of Everything by TheGirl (butterbean) (Kim Taehee)

The Heart’s Serenade by superstarrr_mel

The Last Petal by devil_vifz (HOT)

The Last Snapshot by LilB0o (Big Bang)

The Love Hotline by Shanelle Kim

The Lunatic by lilliefrost

The Magical Toothpaste by Novamania (Shinhwa)

The Mask and the Mirror by DragonGirl and Snow Raven (HOT)

The Object of my Obsession by twiGGie (FTTS)

The Odd Couple by Demosthenes

The One I Loved, My Secret Admirer by BrianJoo1004 (FTTS, Shinhwa)

The Peeker by jhigavicious (Shinhwa, HOT)

The Pretty Boy by babyanika (HOT)

The Rose That Led To You by BrianJoo1004 (Shinhwa)

The Soul Taker by Prophecy (DBSG)

The Story of My Life by aznaussie (Shinhwa, Hyori)

The Switch by kRiStY012 (FinKL, Shinhwa, HOT…)

The Tears Won’t Stop by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa)

The Thief That Stole His Heart by jtlangel (Shinhwa, Hyori)

The Tiger by fatsoko

The Uhljjang Who Couldn’t Play Piano by chaoticrose (Eunbyul, Seo Minwoo, Joo Inho…)

The Waiting Room by Aramis (DBSG, Shinhwa, Super Junior…)

There Will Always Be Secrets by Nite of Me (Shinhwa, S.E.S., FTTS)

Things To Become A Dancer by sky (Shinhwa)

Third Time’s A Charm by anika (S.E.S., Shinhwa)

Thirteen, Eighteen by ivu_no_kane (DBSG)

Thoughts With a Mask On by anirtak

Through A Shattered Mind by JENNY* (Park Hanbyul)

Three Small Words by sooji (Big Bang)

Timelessly by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

To Heaven by YK (Shinhwa)

 Touch by =) (HOT)

Tourniquet by sleepii (FTTS, Shinhwa)

Trick or Treat by sooji (FTTS)

True Love Is Worth The Pain by kitty99 (Shinhwa)

True Pain of My Heart by drgphnx13 (FinKL, 1tym, S.E.S.)

Trusting Fate by lilshinhwafreak (Shinhwa)

Turn Around, I’ll Be There by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa)

Turn To The Sky by JENNY*

Twin Dragons by tofu (1tym)

Un Amante Mortal by Jekki Kiss (FTTS)

Unafraid by HyaeMin (FTTS, FinKL, S.E.S.)

Underlined With A Star (HOT)

Undying Love By sillylittlebeans (Shinhwa)

Unexpected by Daphane (Shinhwa)

Unexpected by NAI. (2PM)

Uni by angie (1tym, Sechskies)

Unicycle by fatsoko

Unopened Letter by astraea

Untitled by reoralow (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Untitled by jekki kiss (Sechskies)

Unwanted by LiLhsChunSa (Shinhwa)

Unwanted Illusion by Jeshika (Wonbin, Song Hyegyo)


7 thoughts on “S-U

  1. Secret of Gardenias by JENNY*

    Through A Shattered Mind by JENNY*

    Turn To The Sky by JENNY*

    the links for download to the above stories are broken.

    Thanks for sharing!

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