#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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Old School Love by JK (Shinhwa)

One Last Kiss, Breath and Tears by brianie1004 (FTTS, Shinhwa, FinKL)

One Last Love by 1tymDiva (Shinhwa, HOT, Click-B)

One of These Days by NAI. (Big Bang)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Aramis (HOT)

Ones and Zeros by steggie (Shinhwa, HOT)

Online Crush by xSmiLe_ (Wheesung, Shinhwa)

Online Crush 2 by xSmiLe_ (Shinhwa, Sechskies)

Only One by hae mee mun (1tym, Shinhwa, HOT…)

Only One by Sweetyluv (Kangta)

Only You by Swt’n’sour (Click-B)

Open to the Air by iAmme (HOT)

Orange Marmalade by zoayu (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Orphan Gangs by Dongie (Shinhwa, HOT)

Our Story Day by Day by 1tymDiva (Shinhwa, Lee Jihoon, Jang Nara)

Out of a Tainted World by evekisara (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Out of Place by hae mee mun (FTTS)

Paint Me the Sky by missy_jiee

Paper Airplanes by babyanika

Paparazzi by Eun Ban Ji

Paper Or Plastic by sooji (DBSG)

Papillon by Yui.

Peeping Thomasina by hazel

Pentagram by jhigavicious (HOT, Shinhwa, SES)

Perfection by babyblue (FTTS)

Petals in the Wind by whysper

Playing for Him by SilveR (HOT, Shinhwa)

Please Don’t Go by SanosukeTouya (Shinhwa)

Polaris by bluebyul912 (FTTS, Shinhwa)

Polaris The First Star by Hunnytookki (SES, HOT, FinKL)

Poop in a Wine Glass by dongie (Shinhwa)

Porcelain Notes by ivu_no_kane (DBSG)

Prayer by oO Hye Sung012 Oo (Shinhwa)

Prince Charming by hyekyung (FTTS, Shinhwa)

Princess Me by Esther Park (Shinhwa)

Promises by sungie_gal88 (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Prophecy Styles (Intro-Afterwards) by Prophecy (Shinhwa)

Prophecy Styles by Prophecy (Shinhwa)

Puppy Love by aNgEIchIQa (Shinhwa)

Push & Pull by Yui. (Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 4Minute)

Race to Death by dongie (Shinhwa, HOT, FTTS)

Rain Drops Are Round by xerces (HOT, 1tym, Shinhwa)

Read My Lips by 1tYm4mYmiNd (Shinhwa)

Red Lavenders by babyanika (1tym)

Reflection by Melinda Lee (Shinhwa)

Remember by qweeererooqweer

Resolution by Dongwan’s Chunsa (1tym)

Restricted by adOrkabLex87

Rightfully, Legitimately by angeldan27 (DBSG)

Ripple by dilbangee (HOT)

Rising Gods of the East by fatsoko (DBSG)

Romantic han Sarangeul by Elph (HOT, Hyori)

Running Blue by justme.

Running Time by miskee

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