#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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Last Zone by J-s0 (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Laundry Service by session_d (Bi, Utada, FTTS)

Lazarus by breathless. (ihrtprettyboys/lovexglitter) (DBSG)

Lee Minwoo You Are Found Guilty by hIp_HoP_gUrL (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Let Me Be Your Geisha by mi55yP (Click-B)

Letters to Tin Man by crimson_soul

Letters to You by biteme_lestat

Life is Great by M-Choi (Shinhwa)

Light of the Fireflies by summers sweetie (DBSG)

Like Old Times by Erin (shinhwa_jjang) (FTTS, HOT)

Linked To You by babyanika

Little Gentlemen by CK (Shinhwa, HOT)

Little Vietnamese Girl by vietgirl604

Living for Us by YangSook Lee (HOT)

Lost love by babieblue545 (Shinhwa, Hyori)

Lost Love by Khoi Nguyen

Love — A Promise To Heaven by justme.

love – impossible decision by Julie Kim (Shinhwa)

Love and Hate by ViCki (Sechskies, HOT)

Love and Hate by babyanika (Wheesung)

Loved and Lost by Unknown

Love At First Sight by lilshinhwafreak (Shinhwa)

Love at First…Bite by ddonginaexP (FTTS)

Love Don’t Cost a Thing by hyekyung

Love For Elle by Periwinkle (HOT)

Love Is by BABO x3

Love is Silent (missing chapters 11-20) by kangta’s baby (HOT, GOD, SES)

Love is Stronger Without Words by LiLsHiNhWaFrEaK (Shinhwa)


Love, Lost and Cookies by Shindig (HOT)

Love Never Come by Choice by Leti_hyun (HOT, Boa, FTTS)

Love Only Once by Yuna (HOT)

Love Suicide by Bada Fan (SES, HOT, FinKL)

Love Takes Time by Me2 (HOT)

love u always by fireangelmelly (FTTS, Boa)

LOVE What are you doing to me by x LynnA x3 yOu x (1tym, Kim Kyungrok)

Love You Forever by ~pixie~ (Kangta, Boa, Junghwa)

Loved and Lost by unknown (HOT)

Loved By The Looking Glass by anirtak

Loving You Ain’t Easy by sungie_gal88 (Shinhwa, Hyori)

Lucky Thirteen by kimlxf (Shinhwa)

M & M’s by Prophecy (Shinhwa, SES)

Magic Castle by paradox101 (DBSG)

Making the Grade by Shai Juni (HOT, SES, Shinhwa)

Mary’s Land by anirtak (Rie Fu)

May I Kiss You by SoJu (FTTS)

Me Against the World by swtmaggie92

Meadow Dream by daphane (Shinhwa)

meet me in the rain by XxSwEeT kIsSxX (Shinhwa)

Meet Kwon Minwoo, My Manwhore by nahnsee PT. I, II, III

Meeting by hae mee mun (Shinhwa)

Memories by Rowena (Shinhwa, 1tym, FTTS)

Mermaid Loves Angel by anirtak

Mesmerized Eyes by JENNY* (Nicholas Tse, 1tym (Taebin))

Mi An Hae Yo by Sechskies Lover (Sechskies, FinKL)

Mika and MiuMiu by TheGirl (Satoshi Tsumabuki, Mika Nakashima)

Million Men by shinshin (DBSG)

Million Men II by shinshin (DBSG)

Minu by MizzLinhPhan (Tony)

Minwoo’s Yubgee Sister by Strawberry Crush (Shinhwa, DBSG)

Minwoos Daughter by iluvfany86 (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Misanthropy (I Hate You All) by Me2 (HOT)

Moonlight Walk by JENNY*

More Than Friends by jyl

My Brother by god 1004 (Shinhwa)

My Dearest by vifz (FTTS)

My Executioner, My Lover by KaiSing (SES)

My First Love by SanosukeTouya (Shinhwa, Dir en Grey)

My Gray Visions by -bLuSh- (FTTS)

My Love by Sky (Shinhwa)

My Oh So Hott Player by bivue (Big Bang)

My Perfect Boyfriend by Jeshika (Kim Kyungrok)

My Reflection by diana jung (Shinhwa, FTTS, Click-B)

My Reflection (Click-B, Shinhwa, FTTS)

My Silent Angel by ArTiSt (FinKL, Sechskies, Shinhwa)

My Silver Bracelet by clickb love (Click-B)

My Spring Angel by jyl (Kim Kyungrok, Raewon)

My Story by Angelus Lovely (Shinhwa, HOT)

My Summer in Love by SoJu (Sechskies)

My Sunshine by Yui.

My Wish For Love by baboshay (Shinhwa)

Myriad of Dreams by anirtak

Nerd by Judy (Shinhwa)

Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye by dongie (FTTS, Shinhwa, Boa)

New Beginnings by christelle kim (FTTS, Shinhwa)

No Love like a Piece of Cake by Hyesung Luver (Shinhwa, FTTS, Boa)

No Regrets by Sechskies Lover (Sechskies)

Not Even a Thousand Tears by hae mee mun (FTTS)

Nothing was Right until I Found You by babieblue545 (Shinhwa, FTTS)

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