#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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I Dance for Love by lilshinhwafreak (Shinhwa, Boa)

I Give You My Word by Hyun2 (HOT)

I Hate Guys Like You by JK (Shinhwa)

I HATE YOU by sunghee aka kitty (SES, HOT, FTTS…)

I Love You by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa)

I Missed You by Esther Kim (HOT)

I Told You So by hae mee mun (SES, FTTS)

I Want by hoi (Boa, FTTS, HOT)

I Was His First Girlfriend, He Was My 34th Boyfriend by sueyun x3 minwoo

I watched over you by MinWoOz (Shinhwa, FTTS, 1tym)

I will always love u by ShinHyeLova (Shinhwa, Boa)

I’ll Love You Forever… by Christine Kim (FTTS)

I’m a Bad Girl So Slap Me by lilshinhwafreak (Shinhwa)

I’m Not Supposed To by lil_bobatea (Shinhwa, Boa, FTTS)

I’m Sorry by Teresa Lui (Shinhwa)

I’m Sorry by xX AzNcHiCken Xx (Shinhwa)

[TF] If I marry at 18, when will we have a baby by PureKyeSang

If Only Through Heaven by hae mee mun (HOT)

IF YOU WERE ONLY MINE by Azncutey84 (Shinhwa)

Im Beautiful Bite me by dannyxkyesang (HOT)

Imaginary Castle by smooglez

In Black And White by Iris and -bLuSh- (Shinhwa, FTTS, HOT…)

In Love With You by xXAtLBaByThUg420Xx (HOT, FinKL, 1tym…)

In My Heart by Gina (HOT)

In My Dreams by sooji (FTTS)

In The Midst of Goodbye by jyl (SeeYa)

Infinite Perceptions by Aramis (HOT)

Innocent Love by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

Interior Landscape of Confusing by Soeun

Is love worth dying for by JaNeY_WaNeY (Shinhwa, Lena Park)

It Has Always Been You by jtlangel (Shinhwa)

It Was You All Along by Val (Sechskies)

It’s Worth Dying For by TaY~kYunG (Yoo Seung Jun)

Itazura na Kiss by Sheen and Smile

Jaded by linkinpark (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Jaewon & I by Hannah Chung (HOT)

Jewel in Tokyo by kyugaroo. (Super Junior)

JiAe Agape by sunyuh (Shinhwa, HOT, SES)

Just A Feeling by Jeea Lee (HOT)

Just A Simple School Crush by GeMMi Lee (FTTS, Boa)

Just a Song by Tony AKA J.t.L.

JUST AN AVERAGE CINDERELLA by Strawberry Crush (Shinhwa)

Just Between You and Me by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa, FTTS, SES…)

Just Luck by vifz (Shinhwa)

Just Say Goodbye by ingenue (HOT)

Just the Two of us and a Pair of Handcuffs by blind_faith (Shinhwa, SES)

Just These Words… I Love You by hae mee mun

Just to be With You by terri (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Keys Before My Eyes Written by Thao

Killer by MEMORY (Shinhwa)

Kiss by MiNiExWaNiE (Shinhwa)

Kiss The Sky by Kami (FTTS)

Kissed By You by JENNY*

Klavier by Anasazi (Grace Yip, Nicholas Tse…)

Koala by Val (Sechskies)

Koala 2 by Val (Sechskies)

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