#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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F a n t a s y by Jekki Kiss (Sechskies)

Fading Sentiments by jtl d_va (Click-B)

Falling in Love by christine (Shinhwa, FTTS)

Falling In Love With the Wrong Guy by GeMMi LeE (Boa, FTTS, GOD)

Final Moment by vifz

Finding A Bridge by clockwatcher (Kim Samsoon drama characters)

First and Last Love by godfan012 (HOT)

Foolish Love by jyl (Shinhwa)

For Your Love by Prophecy (Shinhwa)

Forbidden Love by Heidi G (SES, Sechskies, S#arp)

Forever Asleep by YK (FTTS)

Forever by David Lee (Jaewon)

Forever by got fanfix (SES, Shinhwa, S#arp)

Forever Love by Kp_man21 (FinKL, HOT, Shinhwa)

Forever… With You by oO HyeSung012 Oo (Shinhwa)

Forgotten Remembrance by QTip (HOT)

Four Seasons of Love by jpko (HOT)

Four Years by blind_faith (FinKL, Sechskies)

Free by sooji (Shinhwa)

friends by jisuk yi (Shinhwa, HOT)

Friends by kOoKy (HOT)

Frozen Grey by fatsoko (DBSG)

Give me a STRIP TEASE by duckee (Shinhwa)

Glistening Star by Heidi G (Sechskies)

GOLD by chica ner y (FTTS)

Goodbye (Sweet Rain sequel) by Danbee (HOT)

Goodbye by Sujin, Helen, Jung (Click-B)

Goodbye to an Angel by Liquid

Goodbye (FTTS)

Gotta Go by hyekyung (Shinhwa, FinKL)

Green Apples by KiM_yuRi (NG)

Gruel and Unusual Punishment by Jihyun (HOT)

Habits by linkinpark (Shinhwa)

Hanabi by &&TiFF;ANY

Hate In My Eyes by ddonginaexP (SES, FTTS)

He Bought Me by Sunghee_ster (Park Hanbyul, Seo Minwoo, Kim Kyungrok…)

He Was Orange by JungMinee012

Heart of a Child by Sandy Shin (Shinhwa)

Heaven’s Cheater by Aramis (FTTS)

HeeJun & HyeKyung by Karen (HOT)

Hello and Goodbye by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

Her Guardian Angel by dilbangee (HOT)

Her… by saera (NG)

Her Wedding by vifz (DBSG)

Her Wish by iadoreyooh (1tym, Yoon Eunhye)

Hey Dick by Teresa (Shinhwa)

His and Her Circumstances by lidool hero (Kim Kyung Rok, Lee Sangeun)

His Last Day by Hyunjin (1tym)

His Last Words by anonymous (GOD)

[TF] – His Warning – Don’t Pester Me by Starchies

Home Tree by anirtak

Homophobia by J-s0 (Shinhwa)

Honour Amongst Thieves by fcuk4her (Shinhwa, HOT, FTTS)

Hook Gwa Baek by dilbangee (HOT)

Hope by Soyoung (HOT)

Hope for a Family by HaNGooKHuNNiE (1tym)

How Far Would You Go For The One You Love by nycxsaimui (FinKL, Sechskies, SES)

Hundredth Day by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa)

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