#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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C.O.L.D. by unknown (HOT)

Calling You by angeldan27 (DBSG)

Can You Keep A Secret by Stephaniex3 (NG)

Can You See Me by sooji (FTTS)

Cannibal by jhigavicious (Shinhwa, HOT)

Canon Was Their Love Theme by anirtak

Caramel Frappuccino by kimlxf (Shinhwa)

Catching Twenty-Seven Drops of Wedding Tears by `Qrescent` (Shinhwa, HOT)

Cheerios by mystery (FTTS)

Chiaroscuro (HOT)

Chrysalis by anirtak

Chun Jae ill Yoo by 8ericluber4ev9 (Shinhwa)

Cinderella by NAI. (Super Junior)

CINDERELLA but the glass slippers were never mine by angel_jj (Shinhwa)

Circle Circle Dot Dot by lilshinhwafreak (Shinhwa)

City of Dreams Rolling Thunder (Nicholas Tse, Grace Yip)

Club Eden on the Twelfth Floor by JK (Shinhwa, HOT)

Clueless by NAI. (Big Bang)

Cold Eyes With A Warm Heart by Gerbal (Shinhwa)

Coma by fatsoko

Collision by Yui

Concerto for Two Violins by LoveSeed

Confusion by PiNkZzAnGa (Shinhwa)

Coordinator by Sonic1004 (Shinhwa, Boa)

Copy Cat by KiM_YuRi (Shinhwa, Click-B)

Corruption by Taste of Rejection (Bi, Boa, HOT)

Covet by hae mee mun (NG)

Crazy in Love by justme.

Cross Love by KPGURL (FTTS, Jang Nara)

Crosswires by lost (NG)

Cry by LilB0o (1tym, Masta Wu)

Dance With Me by xXAtLBaByThUg420Xx (HOT, Shinhwa, FTTS)

Dangerous Love by Jenny Chung (Shinhwa)

Dark Blue by kpopchild (Shinhwa)

Dark Past by jsleepii (Shinhwa, FTTS, HOT)

Days at Seoul High by Shinhwa_Knight21 (NG)

Dear Andy by Prophecy (Shinhwa)

Dear God by AzNchiCken (Shinhwa)

Dear Santa by gonie (1tym, Gummy, Se7en)

Death, Love by Amber (FTTS)

December Rain by Aramis (Shinhwa, HOT)

Deep Feelings by SuWon’s GrL (Sechskies)

Defects by ESCALAYDEE (NG)

Dejavu by JYL (Kim Kyungrok, Kim Namji, 1tym (Taebin))

Delirium by Yui. (DBSG, Jang Riin, Super Junior…)

DENIAL by prophecy (Shinhwa)

Depressed by local_gurl (FinKL, S.E.S., Shinhwa)

Destined Love by miRacle_ri (Shinhwa)

Dianthus by dilbangee (Shinhwa)

Diaries of a Distance by s u n d a e _. (Shin Dongwook, DBSG, 2NE1)

Divine by anirtak

Don’t Even Know by GgOmAhx48 (HOT)

Don’t Forget Me by BrianJooS1004 (FTTS)

Door Slightly Open by NiteOfMe (Shinhwa, 1tym, HOT, FTTS)

Doors by anirtak

Dream Guy by SechsKies Lover (FinKL, Sechskies)

Dream Shards into the shadows by timothynakayama (NG)

DREAMS by SuWoNsGrL (Sechskies)

Dreams Come True by SechKies Lover (Shinhwa, S.E.S., HOT)

Dreams Into Silver by dilbangee (HOT)

Drinking Love by anirtak

DrUmMeR gIrL by Seol Hee Kim (NG)

Du Riechst So Gut by Anasazi (Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Takashi Kaneshiro)

E x i t by Scribblez (Shinhwa, HOT)

ENDLESS DREAMS by xerces (Sechskies)

Endless Love by GeMMi LeE (Shinhwa)

Endless Love by Hee-Kyung (Shinhwa)

Endless Uncertainty by Yeon (Shinhwa, SES)

Escape One Last Time by just-that-girl

Eternity A Thousand Feelings by Sharon Chang (Shinhwa, HOT, FTTS)

Eternity Isn’t Long Enough by bAnAnAcAkE (Shinhwa)

Ever After by summer’s sweetie (DBSG)

Evil Cinderella by crystal t33rs (1tym)

Exit-OS by Scribblez (HOT)

Eyes of Red by JENNY*

7 thoughts on “C-E

  1. This is cool. I can’t wait to read these fanfics. I didn’t learn about fanfics until recent times, but I find myself liking the older fanfics much better. I wish I could have been a part of soomp! before. I knew about soomp! then and I also knew about kpop and dramas, but I never really made an effort to join and browse the site. My loss. I’m gload to see these Shinhwa, HOT, SES, 1tym, etc. fanfics.

  2. This is pretty awesome. I had this urge to read old fics but it was so hard to find them. Thanks for uploading all these stories =).

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