#-BC-EF-HI-KL-NO-RS-UV-ZTF’sunfinished fics

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7th Note, The by cecelia (Se7en)

[TF] 49 Days For a Second Chance translated by minusky/Strawberry Crush (Shinhwa)

143 by Sitrus (Shinhwa, SES)

3080 by dongie (Shinhwa, HOT, FTTS)

365 Days With You by Sungie (Shinhwa, FTTS)

A Baby’s World by J-s0 (Shinhwa)

A Cold Dawn by fulawar (HOT – yaoi, mature content)

A Distraction by bebycakes (1tym, Jinu)

A Dream Makeover by Melinda (Shinhwa, Group S, HOT)

A Dream of Friendship by sleepii (Shinhwa, FTTS, SES)

A Dream With Destiny by Melinda (Shinhwa)

A First by sweetsnow90 (Shinhwa)

A Hearts Unsaid Words by BlissfulSimplicity

A Knight’s Tale by Rea (Shinhwa)

A Love Too Far To Reach by H.O.T 1004 (HOT, 1tym)

A Maid’s Love by Yisa (NG – Japanese characters)

A Million Dollars by j-s0 (Shinhwa)

A Promise and A Miracle by baLgHaN 1004 (Shinhwa, FTTS)

A Second Chance at Timeless by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

A Self-Portrait of Me by Hitler CK (NG)

A Singer, A Mobster by ivu_no_kane (DBSG)

A Star’s Key by vivz (Shinhwa)

A Story of Friendship by JLA (Shinhwa, HOT)

A Temptress’s Enticement by JENNY* (Shinhwa, Nicholas Tse, Boa…)

A Testimony by young ah yoo (NG)

A Thousand Cranes by zoayu (Shinhwa)

A Tiny Speck of Gold by jyl (1tym (Taebin))

A Written Essay by kite (1tym, HOT, SES)

Abandoned Soul by LilB0o (1tym)

Adieu to a First Love by hmong_lubpaj

After All by seissa (Shinhwa)

After the Blue Moon by angeldan27 (Super Junior)

After The Rain by slvrstar (Shinhwa)

Almost 100% by s u n d a e _.

Alone by Judy (Shinhwa)

Always There by 8ericluber4ev9 (Shinhwa, Boa)

Always Waiting by BrianJooS1004 (Shinhwa, HOT, Boa)

An Assessment of Emotions by sleepii (FTTS)

An Unforgettable Valentines Day by _haejin (Shinhwa)

Angel by Euphony (Click-B)

ANGEL by yk (Shinhwa)

Angel’s Gift by rea (HOT)

Anti-itch Cream by fadeddreams (Big Bang)

are we meant to be together by devilicious (Shinhwa, SES)

Are you for true by MinWoOz (Shinhwa)

Are you my Prince by Sky (Shinhwa, Jang Nara, HOT, SES)

Are You MY Sister by daphane (Shinhwa, Dana, FinKL)

Arlene by Kinky (Shinhwa)

Back Together by KrnSweetPrincess (Sechskies)

Balcony Conversations by click a jjong (DBSG)

Battles Within Me by BrianJooS1004 (FTTS)

Battling With A Hot Guy by jyl (Super Junior)

Beautiful Feeling of Being One by Hyun2 (HOT)

Beautiful Memories by winter_girl (FTTS)

Because I’m a Girl by SoJu (Lee Sooyoung)

Because I’m Beautiful by Me2 (HOT)

because i’m not your prince by hEe n wOo (FTTS)

Because of You by Pang (HOT)

Believe in Love by angeldan27 (DBSG, Jang Riin)

BelIevE iN your drEAM by guRlYgUrL (Shinhwa)

Beneath His Wings by slvrstar (Shinhwa)

Beneath the Surface by NiteOfMe (Shinhwa)

Benevolence by J-s0 (Shinhwa)

Best Wishes by &&TiFF;ANY (Big Bang)

Black Coffee Talk by kami (FTTS)

Black Dahlia (Shinhwa, HOT)

Black Vodka by NAI. (1tym, Big Bang)

BLiNK by &&TiFF;ANY (Big Bang, DBSG, Yoon Eunhye)

Blissfully by coffee (FTTS)

blood type c (Shinhwa, Dana, FinKL)

Blood Vs Crip by MISSY J (Shinhwa, FTTS, 1tym, Bi, Click-B)

Bloodsong pt 1 by sleepii (FTTS, Shin Minah)

Blooming Love by kPgUrL (Shinhwa, SES, Boa)

Blue by YK (Shinhwa)

Blue Ice by Cirrus (Shinhwa)

Blue Masquerade by Aramis (Shinhwa, FTTS)

BOOTYLICIOUS by altec (Shinhwa)

Bother by Shortbme (NG)

Bounded by Lines by harphe (FTTS)

Bowls of Kimchi by laizuki (DBSG)

Break-Up to Make-Up by thina (Shinhwa)

Breaking Windows by anirtak

Breathtaking by lil_bobatea (Shinhwa)

Broken by &&TiFF;ANY (Park Jungah)

Broken Doll by sleepii (Shinhwa)

Broken Promises by GooFBaLL (Shinhwa)

Bruised by iluvfany86 (FTTS)

Brutally Honest (Shinhwa, HOT)

Bully by fatsoko (DBSG)

Bus 180 by azn_desire

Butt Out! by Cirrus (Shinhwa)

By Heart, By Soul by kpopchild (Shinhwa, FTTS)

15 thoughts on “#-B

  1. Amazing. The old soompi fanfix page wasn’t working and only showed the first page of each story but Tiggie from soompi sent me this link. I could honestly cry from happiness. I love the old fics! Thanks for compiling most of them ^^

    1. i wish we could have the old soompi fanfix section back lol! i know it’s impossible/not soomp’s fault and all that but yeah… great memories spent there!

  2. isn’t it wonderful that ive found your site. im an avid fan of fanfix and ive been browsing through the net finding for a good spot to download. thank God ive found this. thank you so much.. Godbless and mabuhay..

  3. hello! Some days ago, I revisited Soompi fanfix thread to re-read my favorite stories. But alas, I can’t found Aramis / Veneer’s stories, even after I opened her profiles. I’ve been searching madly on the internet, and stumbles to your blog. This is a lovely treasure^^ So I just want to ask, do you have Veneer’s SweetBITTER? I really want to re-read that one. Oh, and when I clicked Sun Shower, it said it’s “temporary unavailable”. Thank you!

    1. Hey Ronaa, wow, sweetBITTER brings back the memories! If I remember correctly, she took them down for editing and possibly publishing/professional (?) purposes so I never put them up. You can try PM’ing her to see if she wouldn’t mind giving you a personal copy ^^

  4. Hi, it seems like the links for A Tiny Speck of Gold and Abandoned Soul are broken. I’d like to read some 1TYM fics, so I was wondering if you could reuplaod them by any chance? :)

  5. Thank you so much ! and there is one fic i’m looking for in soompi the title is My Sweet Revenge. a non-gasoo fic do you have a link for that?

  6. Do you still update these? it’s been such a long time but i️ e been on a soompi fanfic kick lately and am feeling particularly nostalgic about the good old days… Do you have an updated link for A Tiny Speck of Gold?

    Also, do you have a pdf of Bartender and the Beast, or any stories by dearskye?


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