The purpose of Time Vault’s fic library is to collect and preserve kpop fics through the ages. It aims to be a resource for those who are interested and invested in the fic community.

Time Vault respects the rights of all writers. Please e-mail timevaulted[AT] if you would like to remove your fics from this library.

Special thanks to Moley who greatly contributed to this library. The majority of the fics featured are from Soompi, FFL, The Sofa, The WA, kpopper, & Solid07.

Do NOT reupload or hotlink these fics and claim them as your own. All credits to Time Vault.


#-B, C-E, F-H, I-K, L-N, O-R, S-U, V-Z, TF’s, unfinished fics

**Please comment or e-mail timevaulted[AT] if a link is broken!

***It’s not required but it’d be cool if you left a message telling us what fics you took/read/enjoyed! Recommendations are encouraged (:

25 thoughts on “LIBRARY

  1. Hey Phim! I was wondering if you knew how to reach 4tang? I’ve been searching for one of her fics for a while and I can’t seem to find it. It’s such a shame that she’s inactive now and I’ve only recently discovered her. The fic is called “Too Close and Too Far.” Please help! Thanks! (:

    1. Hey speechless, she may have posted it up on Soompi — I remember reading it on ficaholics but she didn’t allow people to save/take her fics out of there, and sadly the board went down a few years back so I don’t know where you can find it. Sorry ^^ ~

      1. Ouu, thanks. Hopefully I find it on soompi.. If not, I hope someone takes pity on me and sends me a doc version, if anything LOL. It’s sad that ficaholics went offline, sigh. But thank you, I appreciate it! (:

    2. I was terribly upset when Ficaholics shut down too! 4tang wrote some of the best fanfics, along with Ji Eunie, Phim, Thao, etc. I read “Too Close and Too Far” a few years back and I really, really loved it. Fortunately for me, I managed to save the really good ones in my hard disk, and I still have them now. These are gold; my precious~! Thanks for your hard work too, Phim! :)

      1. oo a familiar “face” (; hope you’ve been well. feel free to share any of the fics you saved that you don’t see in the library! take care ^^

  2. I just had to say “THANK YOU” for this awesome site! I loved to read fanfics back in 2005… and being able to read the old fics I loved is something I can’t describe hahaha
    I’m going to read fanfics again :)

    1. Greetings ^^ — May I ask if there’s a particular reason why you’re searching for the oldest fic? Or if you mean specific to a certain fandom/genre/etc.? ^^

      To give some scope, the majority of the fics in the library are dated between the late 90s to the mid 2000s, so they are all technically old in today’s standards. Whatever fics are labeled with groups like HOT and Shinhwa will most likely be older given HOT and Shinhwa’s debut dates.

      In terms of influential fics or fics that were “viral” hits even for the old times, I’d recommend looking into Val’s What I Did For Love & the very short TF/oneshot “A Doll’s Dream.” Some of the older fics didn’t have the best written quality in terms of grammar/etc. but they had a lot of heart and memorable narratives. I hope you discover some gems :)

      1. actually I just want to read all kind of fan fiction. I already read the great fanfics for the new generation idol, so I want to read fanfics from the first generation idol like Seo Taiji maybe.. hihi..
        the other particular reason is now I’m in the middle of making research about the development of fanfics of Korean musician especially boy band. That’s why.. teehee.. It would be great if you can help me though.. *twinkling eyes*
        Thank you very much.. :3

      2. Ah, I see. Some thoughts on finding fics featuring Seo Taiji and older generation gasoos…

        I’d bet that it’d be hard to find fics featuring them based on the times… The internet was still young and home computers weren’t as readily available during the early 90s. For context, if you look into the S. Korean (internet) timeline itself, many of its most popular sites/blog servers weren’t developed until the late 90s and 2000s.

        International interest (on English-speaking sites and forms) in kpop and kpop fics started booming in the late 90s and early 2000s, coinciding with the debut of groups like HOT and Sechskies. Understandably, the first generation fics featured gasoos from this period.

        Best of luck on your research :) Would love to see it when you’re done.

        Some helpful links:

  3. Huwaaah.. you are so kind.. I’m so grateful of your help indeed.. :)
    Wish me luck for the research.. hihihi.. I will give you a copy of mine if this research accepted by my lecture, if you mind.. :)

    1. Not sure what genre(s)/gasoos you are interested in. TFs: Glass Slipper, Young Mother (this was unfinished but a well read TF in its day), & The Guy Holding the Flowers. More recently written fics: NERD by J K ( & Don’t Touch My Corn by farorange ( Older fics you can find in the library: December Rain & Blue Masquerade by Aramis, Sangmin by fatsoko, SMJ–Storytime by melonbar92.

  4. aww.. thanks for the info. By the way, Wanting Her is in completed list now but when I read it, I think it is not finish yet? hehe,
    Anyway, how about Extraordinary Shin Girl. It has sidestories. I want to know if where can I read it? Thank you..

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