[READING LOG] Dark Night by fatsoko

Long time, no write. Hello, hello :) I’m alive/the ship is still sailing and rocking on the Time Vault tumblr, just less active here on wordpress. Do follow us there for daily reblogs and quick shares.

In the meanwhile, here is possibly the quickest reading log entry up to date:

1) Head over to DD aka Dreamer’s Den & check out the awessome art/designgallery threads & fics that’ve been posted there for SS 2014 i.e. Debbie’s (mawluh’s) The Hatchling Dragon & Kna’s At Certain Times After Midnight.

2) It’s a miracle! Like a mirage in the desert… Did we or did we not just spot a fic posted by fatsoko in 2014??!!!!! Titled Dark Nights, it’s set in the verse of White Christmas. I don’t know if we can call White Christmas a cult favorite anymore. An overnight success/fandom take over? Whatever the case, the drama and the fic are most recommended! As always, you can expect lots of promising depth and wisdom and salt for the taking from the steady hands and ink of the one and only fatsoko.

Have a good night/day, fellow readers & writers!! Cheers ^^*

Reading Log

Two open letters and then a few fic recs (:

An open letter to writers:

It’s a little past fall, a little into the start of winter. A perfect time for fan crack to warm up the cold, and also the perfect time to be inspired to write dark, red angsty and delicious fics… All of which I would gladly gobble up and read in a heartbeat. So if you could please provide this fangirl with some of your lovely writing, it would be greatly appreciated!

An open letter to readers:

Ahem, sharing is caring (; And in that vein, if you could do fandom a favor and share recommendations/reading logs of what you’ve been reading, it’d be uber appreciated huhuhu! Please and thank you, me fellow fangirl readers m_ _m

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Reading Log Update: Intertwined

Just a general update on one of the fics I recommended earlier this season ^^;; Intertwined was recently completed by Tara & I just wanted to encourage everyone to read it if they haven’t already ^^

In a way, romance is second nature to fic lore in general, but Intertwined has such a beautiful way of sharing Yuu and Jihyun’s love story… It just reminds me of why love stories are timeless and so cherished in the first place.

You can read via Tara’s writing tumblr or on Dreamer’s Den ^^


Tonight’s reading log: a short story called Cactus by soldieron (algebra > geometry) aka Kna.

It’s always exciting to see a new piece from Kna. This time, less action, less “happy,” and more — bittersweet whimsy. My heart’s still recovering from the fic’s ending. Not to say that it’s 100% sad, but just to say that Kna has a way of making you feel so invested in her characters and their lives — what they say and do, and just as importantly, what they choose to not say and do.

A must-read, particularly for those who enjoyed the storylines and creative colors/tone/fragrance of 5 Centimeters Per Second and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


I fell in love.

There was a boy a year older than me, and he was everything I could ever want to know. His words were quiet, but his body language deafening. I first saw him outside the school gates, lingering with a sheet of paper in his hand. A breeze picked up, the paper flew away, and the back of my head caught it.

“Yours?” I asked as I handed it to him. He nodded unsmilingly.

“Thank you,” he murmured. He glanced down at the sheet. I turned away, determined to make it to the vintage boutique before it closed.

Then the sheet was flying through the air again. I could have been bothered. I could have been upset that I had returned him the sheet only for him to lose it again. But when I saw the small look on his face as his eyes traced the skyline, I realized that he was setting it free…


Some fics that’ve been hella inspiring me

  • to laugh: Midnight in a Perfect World by mawluh (bhebie9). I get the feeling it’ll make me cry later on, but its first chapter is light and funny. We meet TOP and Bom on their wedding night before flashing back to their teenage selves. In short, the fic’s a marriage between a romcom (with gangster undertones) & mystery (insert a dark and broody Park Shihoo). Okay so it may or may not be ~mysterious~ but it’s definitely got an interesting mix of characters to get overly attached to. Not that I’m complaining! hurr hurr hurr P.S. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything from mawluh & I’m realizing now how much I’ve missed her use of twists and turns in her stories… They always have a way of making me feel for her characters’ plights… so I guess I shouldn’t be listing this under a comedy/something that’ll inspire laughter… *bipolar reader* What have you done to me, mawluh?! (On an unrelated note, does anyone remember the song & fic titled L.O.V.E. What Are You Doing To Me? Man that fic frustrated me out so much but I loved it…)
  • to go LKJFA;SDFJA: I guess you can take that as you’d wish (a bit crazed, a bit incoherent) — I’m sure you’ll be feeling the same way after reading Hide and Seek by angelfightrJ. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this fic before but Jane recently reposted it on Dreamer’s Den and rereading the prologue’s made me feel even more intrigued by the premise. 10 months. Our lead (Hyosun) dies after 10 months of ??? We are led to believe it has a lot to do with love, sacrifice, possible gang-relations. But will we ever find out?!! LKJFA;SDFJA!!
  • to not wear underwear: LOL just kidding. You will get why I tagged this rec with that label after reading the prologue of Breaking Sky by algebra > geometry (soldieron/kna)… but I should say — as snarky and funny as this fic is, it’s got just as dark and interesting of a plot. We are introduced to two teams of soul consumers, strikers, and benders pitted against one another. They’re a motley mix of characters with egos and lives souls on the line, namely Jay Chou, Jin Bora, Utada Hikaru, Park Bom, and many more (*cough* a certain Professor Stick Up His Butt). I’m interested in seeing everything culminate, but am equally interested in finding out more about how each character discovered his/her gift and adjusted into their newfound world of soul-fighting (soul-stealing/soul-bending may be a more fitting way to term it).
  • P.S. While we’re on the topic of kna, I definitely recommend another fic of hers called CAIRO. It’s super hard to write about CAIRO because it’s the kind of story that has a world within a world within a world. On the surface, it’s a gang fic, but there are many more layers of character study, plot development, etc. beneath that… *must insert a quote from it to emphasize said point –>

“Lee Seungri. Impressive agent, unstoppable when paired with Lee Taemin. One hundred percent success rate. One of Hyori’s favorites.”

Jonghyun stared at the paper.

“That’s the actual mission report from the warehouse where he died. Hyori asked me to keep it confidential.”

And Jonghyun slowly felt his insides twist. He’d suspected it, but didn’t want it to be confirmed in such an emotionless way.

“On the morning of January 5th, 2006, Lee Seungri tipped off another man’s organization of a meeting that he and Lee Taemin were going to infiltrate and damage.”

Jonghyun saw words and didn’t digest them. He turned his attention to her voice.

“On the night of January 8th, 2006, Lee Seungri and Lee Taemin both broke into the warehouse that the meeting was supposed to take place. They were completely surrounded. Lee Seungri drew his gun and pointed it at…

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I’ve been following harphe’s Big Bang writing blog on tumblr for some time now and thought I’d write a rec for one of the pieces she shared on it as of late, titled Falling for Flat.

In a nutshell: Han Jiyul is a music composition student who’s on the search for many-a-thing: musical inspiration, better grades in class, but above all, approval from her over-expectant parents. The one thing she’s not interested in pursuing however, is romance. That is, until she meets Choi Seunghyun, resident casanova and self-touted musical genius.

Why it’s worth the read: 

I really enjoyed reading Falling for Flat because of its love story, but also because of its theme on identity.

On the surface, Falling for Flat is a campus love story. Jiyul and Seunghyun have an unforgettable first encounter that leads to a round of interesting meetings on campus. Seunghyun’s undeniably charming and and fitting as Jiyul’s love interest, so I can promise Tabi-loving folk gush worthy date scenes and the likes (fufufu~~).

But what I can also promise is a story that’s just as dedicated to the growth of its main character. Jiyul learns how to shape her heart and her own path as a musician and as a person with the help of her loved ones, be it friends and/or love interest. — I love that harphe focused on this aspect of Jiyul’s life as opposed to just making the story about romance. It gave more dimension to Jiyul’s character and made me connect more with the story.

This, paired with harphe’s beautiful melancholic writing style made for a great read. Hope you guys will enjoy it too (;

Here’s a short excerpt from the story.

“Yo! Dude. What are you doing out here? The party is inside. Not out here!” a guy, dressed in an all black merchant costume stumbled next to her, clearly having too much to drink. Half of his face was covered with a dark mask with gold detailing.

At first she ignored him, hoping that his curiosity with her would disappear and he would go back inside the apartment. Instead, he sat down next to her, his body slightly swaying from side to side.

“Man, you’re doing homework? At a party? Dude. Seriously. There are a lot of girls inside. Go talk to one of them…”

His speech began to slur at the end but what caught her attention was that the man thought she was a guy. The man slugged his arm over her shoulder and whispered into her ear. Her body froze from the touch while turning her head slightly to face the man.

“Yah, really. Girls… everywhere!” he motioned his arm going across the horizon.

She didn’t understand what was happening.

“Not interested. You can have them all.”

Letting go of Jiyul, he blinked a couple of times and stared at the profile view of the person he thought was a guy. His eyes then drifted downward to the pieces of paper that the person was holding in their hand. Even in his drunken state, he quickly grabbed the paper and pen.

“Hey! That’s mine. Don’t mess with it!” Jiyul told him and tried to get back what was hers…

You can find Falling for Flat on harphe’s writing tumblr, of all days.


In a nutshell: Drawing it Out by KyoRuiEi is about a first year high school student named Taesa. The prologue sets up the premise of the fic: Taesa’s good friend Yuhwan leaves her for a new crowd of buddies.Taesa decides to toughen up and move on without Yuhwan, just as he starts warming up to her again at the start of the new school year. She meets some new friends and makes some strides with Yuhwan as well, but the journey’s far from over…

Why it’s worth the read: Drawing it Out is by no means a carbon copy of old school fics, as it is KyoRuiEi’s and only hers, but it does remind me of old school fics… The writing style, the set up between the two love interests (and their tension x suggested scarred history), the high school setting, etc. bring me right back to the early 2000s. There’s a little bit of 4tang’s Hear My Prayer (Taesa saves her love interest from a fight, much like what happened with Minwoo and the lead in Hear My Prayer). Like SoJu’s Her Water Colors, My Self Portrait, the lead is an artist. And although having kingka characters has never gotten out of style, the way Yuhwan and his friends are described remind me of the old TF fics that featured kingkas and their rings of supporters, fangirls, and haters (i.e. The Guy Holding the Flowers). — I’m stretching it with the fangirls as they have yet to be introduced into the story (if any will exist), but part of the fun for me reading this is taking a walk back through all those old fics that made me laugh/cry/etc.

I can’t help but read Drawing it Out with an “old school lens” but you don’t need to adopt one to enjoy the fic and the heart of its story and characters.

Only four chapters have been posted, but those chapters have done a great job covering the oh so familiar growing pains of puppy love and friendship-turned-romance~ Can I say guilty pleasure? ^^v

Also, one thing I especially like is Taesa’s character. She may feel emotionally vulnerable at times, but she doesn’t cower down without a fight. Shall definitely keep cheering for her and for KyoRuiEi ^^~~

Link: via soompi

Hope you’re all doing well!

I’m currently battling the midterm season :p but I chanced upon this fic tonight and felt compelled to write up a rec.

tbh, there was supposed to be a guest rec earlier this year for another fic… Maybe I should write my own rec for said fic as well? hehe ~~

Stay inspired/keep it fresh, yo. keke