Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a status/consensus check and update in regards to the WordPress.

To be honest, I thought everyone would be in hibernation mode/I didn’t expect a lot of feedback… so I was surprised to receive the heartfelt messages and comments you left/emailed. It means a lot to hear from you — your memories, your love for “the good old days,” etc.

I’ll be keeping the blog up, though I can’t guarantee heavy activity in the future. For those who subscribe to the WordPress/who don’t venture onto Tumblr, please visit us on Tumblr for day by day reblogs and writing/reading-related content.

Thank you once again to everyone who reached out. I’ll keep this home open ^^


Voice Mail

Hey you! Whatcha been up to? We wanna hear all about it! Consider this a bit of a virtual reunion series.

Reblog/email/comment with an update on how you’ve been since we’ve last heard from you. You know, since you abandoned your thread went on hiatus last year. Notice, I’m being nice and saying last year, not ‘07 ;p

It’s always nice to catch up and see how everyone’s been. (: So leave us a voice mail & we’ll post it in a batch update.

Some prompts on what to write in if you’re stuck on what to say:

– Have you been sucked into the working world’s vortex?

– Have you been caught up in a new fandom? (or multiple ones for that matter?)

– What is your current email/blog/”homebase” where we can catch up with you at?

– Big news? i.e. Baby? Engagement? Graduation? Publishing things? Etc. — let us know :)

Apparently today was the 4th year anniversary-ish of Time Vault. No longer as active by any means, but still around. It’s funny because I created the vault at a time where I felt people would be nostalgic for the times past, but now that time (four years ago) is a memory in itself. Wherever you are, whatever you are up to, thank you for being a part of the community. I hope you are creating and feeling inspired, whether you have taken up new passions or continued to write and so on. Cheers ~~

Happy 3 Years


x cred

Got an email from tumblr today — apparently it’s The Vault/Time Vault’s third birthday! Kind of incredible to think that three years have already gone by. Shank you lots to everyone who’s helped keep this blog running <333

Quote Mania


Okay so this first one isn’t a quote so much as it is a meme… but I definitely encourage you to check out our tumblr for short, daily updates featuring quotes and posts related to fics and the creative process.

Some recent faves:


“Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch a little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.” — David Lynch


You write your first draft with your heart and you rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think. – Sean Connery


If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.  – unknown

http://vaulted.tumblr.com (:

Collection Time ~


Many thanks to Erzzie for sending me some fics that she’s collected over time. :)

We’d love to receive any docs you have as well to add to our library. **If you are submitting docs for fics that were not written by you, please make sure that the writers did not release a non-distribution message. As stated on the library’s main page, the purpose of Time Vault’s fic library is to collect and preserve kpop fics through the ages. It aims to be a resource for those who are interested and invested in the fic community.

Time Vault respects the rights of all writers. Please e-mail timevaulted[AT]gmail.com if you would like to remove your fics from this library, or if you’d like to add your fics to the library. ^^

— Erzzie’s fic list —

The Sheep Who Cried Wolf by Thao

Letters to You by biteme_lestat

Keys Before My Eyes Written by Thao

Petals in the Wind by whysper

You’re Retarded Sir by x_connie

Little Vietnamese Girl by vietgirl604

Sun Shower by Veneer

Forever Remain by jyl

A Hearts Unsaid Words by BlissfulSimplicity

Paint Me the Sky by missy_jiee

Paparazzi by Eun Ban Ji

Loved and Lost by Unknown

Bowls of Kimchi by laizuki

The Bum Who Fell into a Pothole by lilshinhwafreak

Sorry by qweeererooqweer

Concerto for Two Violins by LoveSeed

Your Dog Humped My Leg by TheShyGirl

Remember by qweeererooqweer

Strawberry Shortcake’s Single Flaw by kawaki



Happy Holidays everyone! Best wishes on this next year. :) I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts & ideas, whether they’re readers or writers or both ^^

I’m really grateful to have met and connected with so many talented and creative people over the years. — There’s a quote about how creativity is scary at times because you never know where (or when) your next idea will come from. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the kpop fic community, I dunno — I always feel very positive about creativity and innovation (here especially) because I’ve seen talent grow and sprout and endure through time.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve all done and will continue to do, whether or not it’s directly related to fanfiction. It’s funny how fanfiction/fandom can seem both big and small depending on the context of thought and conversation, but I think there’s a lot of power in fanfiction/fandom when you’re part of a community like ours ^^ endless laughter, spirit, and shared inspiration. That’s why I’m always excited to see what everyone’s up to (so apologies for my many messages & prodding about updates & anything related to this blog as well :P).

Here’s to an amazing year to come ;) Fighting!


Hey guys, quick question. I recently changed the wordpress layout and am wondering if anyone’s having trouble navigating through the site (i.e. the sidebar’s links to the library pages and so on). Let me know if you prefer the older layout/something else. :)

Hope everyone’s doing well & feeling inspired as of late.

All the best~

Your fellow fangirlie.

P.S. Although I haven’t posted much on wordpress, I’ve been actively updating the tumblr blog with quotes and reblogs related to reading, writing, & the likes. ^^ Hope to see you there~