Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a status/consensus check and update in regards to the WordPress.

To be honest, I thought everyone would be in hibernation mode/I didn’t expect a lot of feedback… so I was surprised to receive the heartfelt messages and comments you left/emailed. It means a lot to hear from you — your memories, your love for “the good old days,” etc.

I’ll be keeping the blog up, though I can’t guarantee heavy activity in the future. For those who subscribe to the WordPress/who don’t venture onto Tumblr, please visit us on Tumblr for day by day reblogs and writing/reading-related content.

Thank you once again to everyone who reached out. I’ll keep this home open ^^


Friends, readers and writers,

Time Vault was started with one objective: to preserve the kpop fanfiction world as we knew it. From Winglin chapter indexes to Solid07 forum jumps to Soompi Town heyday memories. We grew up together, we “graduated” together as readers and writers, finding one another again at the likes of the WA, Ficlics, and DD. We stuck it out even after we drifted from fandom and related activities, because we were and always will be a community.

I am writing this post because I am considering the possibility of closing down the WordPress site. I know the majority of you are no longer active, but I’d like to give you a chance to chime in if you have an opinion either way, since the blog was started as something for the community.

You can reach me here on tumblr or via email at timevaulted@gmail.com.

— fancracked


Voice Mail

Hey you! Whatcha been up to? We wanna hear all about it! Consider this a bit of a virtual reunion series.

Reblog/email/comment with an update on how you’ve been since we’ve last heard from you. You know, since you abandoned your thread went on hiatus last year. Notice, I’m being nice and saying last year, not ‘07 ;p

It’s always nice to catch up and see how everyone’s been. (: So leave us a voice mail & we’ll post it in a batch update.

Some prompts on what to write in if you’re stuck on what to say:

– Have you been sucked into the working world’s vortex?

– Have you been caught up in a new fandom? (or multiple ones for that matter?)

– What is your current email/blog/”homebase” where we can catch up with you at?

– Big news? i.e. Baby? Engagement? Graduation? Publishing things? Etc. — let us know :)

Apparently today was the 4th year anniversary-ish of Time Vault. No longer as active by any means, but still around. It’s funny because I created the vault at a time where I felt people would be nostalgic for the times past, but now that time (four years ago) is a memory in itself. Wherever you are, whatever you are up to, thank you for being a part of the community. I hope you are creating and feeling inspired, whether you have taken up new passions or continued to write and so on. Cheers ~~

[READING LOG] Dark Night by fatsoko

Long time, no write. Hello, hello :) I’m alive/the ship is still sailing and rocking on the Time Vault tumblr, just less active here on wordpress. Do follow us there for daily reblogs and quick shares.

In the meanwhile, here is possibly the quickest reading log entry up to date:

1) Head over to DD aka Dreamer’s Den & check out the awessome art/designgallery threads & fics that’ve been posted there for SS 2014 i.e. Debbie’s (mawluh’s) The Hatchling Dragon & Kna’s At Certain Times After Midnight.

2) It’s a miracle! Like a mirage in the desert… Did we or did we not just spot a fic posted by fatsoko in 2014??!!!!! Titled Dark Nights, it’s set in the verse of White Christmas. I don’t know if we can call White Christmas a cult favorite anymore. An overnight success/fandom take over? Whatever the case, the drama and the fic are most recommended! As always, you can expect lots of promising depth and wisdom and salt for the taking from the steady hands and ink of the one and only fatsoko.

Have a good night/day, fellow readers & writers!! Cheers ^^*

Quick Bite

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Perhaps all a story is, is this quote up here. And all a character is doing is figuring out how to make lemonade with what they’ve been given.

If we look at writing from that sort of perspective, it begs the question of what sorts of lemons should we be throwing at our characters? What sorts of lemonade should we have them make? Or should we throw them some other Thing or have them make some other Thing or No Thing at all?

One way or another, I think adversity gives readers and viewers the opportunity to see how a character copes and deals with challenges and obstacles — it gives insight, and it also creates depth.

To keep with the theme of this notion, here are some quotes related to adversity aka all them lemons.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. 

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Continue reading “Quick Bite”

Reading Log

Two open letters and then a few fic recs (:

An open letter to writers:

It’s a little past fall, a little into the start of winter. A perfect time for fan crack to warm up the cold, and also the perfect time to be inspired to write dark, red angsty and delicious fics… All of which I would gladly gobble up and read in a heartbeat. So if you could please provide this fangirl with some of your lovely writing, it would be greatly appreciated!

An open letter to readers:

Ahem, sharing is caring (; And in that vein, if you could do fandom a favor and share recommendations/reading logs of what you’ve been reading, it’d be uber appreciated huhuhu! Please and thank you, me fellow fangirl readers m_ _m

Continue reading “Reading Log”

In the spirit of autumn, I thought I’d compile a short list of soundscape resources for anyone who may be interested in musing to the sounds of nature ^^;;

  • Rainy Mood. As the site’s tagline says, rain makes everything better (; P.S. Check out Rainy Mood’s tumblr for rain + select artist combos.
  • Nature Sounds. Compose your own track of nature’s elements through Nature Sounds. This is basically a customizable version of Rainy Mood with greater selection.
  • Calm Sound. Visit various places in Mother Nature’s backyard, from the ocean to the country to the rain forest, etc.
  • August Ambience. Recreates the memory of a quiet summer night, when all you can hear are the crickets, the cicadas, and your own heartbeat. ^^
  • And lastly, to help paint the picture of fall time, Forest Mood. :)

If you’d like to recommend any sites/music/resources, send us an email at timevaulted[at]gmail or visit our tumblr’s ask box ^^