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Popular gasoos: H.O.T. (1996-2001), Sechskies (1997-2000), S.E.S. (1997-2007), Shinhwa (1998-present), 1tym (1998-present), FinKL (1998-2002), FTTS (1999-2009), Boa (2000-present)

Popular fics: What I Did For Love by Val (Sechskies, Nov. 1998), Glass Rose by Ji_Eunie (HOT, 1998), Kiss The Sky by Kami (FTTS, 1999), Love Letters by xerces (FTTS, 1999)

TF’s included: Love Inside Silence translated by Sue (HOT, 2001)

Writing trends: Mary Sue’s, kpop girl villains like Boa and Hyori, gang fics circuiting around a core group with an opposing group – typically from a different record label (or in the case of SM, Shinhwa vs H.O.T.), arranged marriages, TF’s translated by Sue

Trends: personal writing sites (i.e. Val’s), mailing lists via Yahoo (fic content)

Media use: posters, blinkies, banners, gifs

Websites: Soompi (1998-present), Winglin (1997-present), KMH (1999-present), Funky Fanfic Library (FFL, 2001-2005), CGIworld boards, Angelfire, Geocities, Tripod

OLD SCHOOL ERA (2001-2003)

Popular gasoos: Bi (2002-present), Se7en (2003-present)

Popular fics: The Peeker by jhigavicious (HOT, Shinhwa, 2002), Because I’m A Girl by SoJu (Lee Sooyoung, 2002), Playing for Him by SilveR (HOT, 2002), Because I’m Beautiful by Me2 (HOT, 2002), By Heart, By Soul by kpopchild (Shinhwa, 2003), Jaded by linkinpark (Shinhwa, 2003), One Two, Buckle My Shoe by Aramis (HOT, 2003)

TF’s included: A Doll’s Dream by 하얀나라 곰., translated by Sonic1004 (Shinhwa, 2002), Guiyeoni fics (i.e. The Guy Was Mushesuh translated by Susan/etoile/doremi) (non-gasoo, 2001), 49 Days For A Second Chance translated by minusky (Shinhwa, 2003)

Writing trends: Lee Minwoo as the lead male, TF style fics, emoticons/smilies, uhljjangs (KKR), non-gasoo fics, gangser fics, business settings, arranged marriages, YG vs SM, lemon fics/risqué material, Mika Nakashima, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, Bi, Full House fics

Trends: CGI boards, forums

Media use: “movie trailers,” character charts

Websites: Writers’ Asylum (2001-present), Solid07 (2001-2007), Type-V (2003-2005) kpopper (2003-2007), The Sofa (2003-2005)

NEW SCHOOL ERA (2003-2005)

Popular gasoos: DBSG (2003-present), Super Junior (2005-present), SS501 (2005-present)

Popular fics: Virgins by JAMIE (Bi, Mika Nakashima, Shinhwa, 2003), Blue Masquerade by Aramis (Shinhwa & FTTS, 2004), Bartender and the Beast by Moe (NG, 2004), Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake by 4tang (DBSG, 2004), Heart’s Serenade by superstarr_mel (NG, 2004), The 7th Note by Cecilia (Se7en, 2004), Ever After by winter’s serenade (NG – DBSG as minor characters, 2005), Me Against the World by sweetmaggie92 (NG, 2005)

TF’s included: Young Mother by lovelygirl, translated by jenl and Aramis (2003), Teddy Boy by Eun Bahn-Jee, translated by SuGaRpLuM (NG, 2004), To A Beautiful Wolf by HAYARI, translated by swtkrn012 (NG, 2004), Extraordinary! Shin Girl! by -YOO JAY, translated by swtkrnbabiez (NG, 2004), fics translated by: DONCHA, susan, nGk2M, swtkrn012

Writing trends: Kang Dongwon (A Wolf’s Attraction, 2004), Lee Junki (King and the Clown movie, 2005), Taebin, Kim Namji fics/posters, Im Da Hye as an antagonist in KKR fics, technology/internet related fics (i.e. MSN chat), strippers/risqué material, angst (mainly around family/gang life)

Trends: PM lists

Media use: index banners in first posts, fic trailers and music videos, soundtracks

Websites: kpop2 (2004-2005), LiveJournal for DBSG yaoi, Xanga reblogs (i.e. What I Did For Love by Val, TF – Extraordinary! Shin Girl! by YOO JAY- translated by swtkrnbabiez)

NEO NEW SCHOOL ERA (2005-2007)

Popular gasoos: Bae Seulgi (2005-present), CSJH (2005-present), Jang Riin (2006), Big Bang (2006-present), Wonder Girls (2007-present)

Popular fics: White Tea and Lily by i.nvalidc.reditc.ard (NG, 2006), Bowls of Kimchi by mariika (DBSG, 2006), Keys Before My Eyes by Thao (NG, 2006), The Venus Flytrap Method by Ji_Eunie (DBSG, 2006), Beach Boy by dearskye (NG, 2006), Clueless by Nai. (Big Bang, 2006), Red Lavenders by anika (1tym, 2006), SMJ—Story Time by melonbar92 (DBSG, 2007), Her Wish by iadoreyooh (1tym, Yoon Eunhye, 2007), Sixteen Pink Balloons by unknown (Big Bang, DBSG, 2007)

TF’s included: If A Nerd Removes Her Glasses by 꽃순이, translated by soominie (NG, 2007)

Writing trends: WonderBang, SuYin, Lee Yeonhee, Go Ara, Yoon Eunhye, flowery writing, abuse of the thesaurus, lengthy titles, angst and emo (themes of suicide, broken romance)

Trends: VIP lists for readers

Media use: PDF files

Websites: Ficaholics (2006-2009),Shoebox (2006-present), Wattpad (2006-present)

PRESENT DAY (2007-2010)

Popular gasoos: SNSD (2007-present), 2PM (2008-present), SHINee (2008-present), MBLAQ (2009-present), BEAST (2009-present), 2NE1 (2009-present)

Popular fics: Conversations Between Us by solangel (NG, 2007), An Epitome of Simplicity by Ephemeral (SS501, 2007), Kissing Affair by j’dore* (Big Bang, 2008), Awkward Turtles by orangebubbles (Big Bang, 2008), My Previous 5 Boyfriends by bioshiva07 (J.E., DBSG, 2008), Miss Vanity by Nina_Sakura (DBSG, Bae Seulgi, 2008), Kwon Sohee by jyri (Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2009), Man In Red by asmiera (MBLAQ, 2009), Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template (NG, 2010), My Oh So Hott Player by bivue (Big Bang, 2010)

TF’s included: 不爱 by 璐宝儿, translated by tianaki (Jang Riin, DBSG, 2008), **TF’s no longer as popular as before

Writing trends: rise of one-shots and two-shots, drabble/poem/one-shot collection threads, online satire, angst, seedy realism, Boys Over Flowers fics

Trends: —

Media use:

Websites: light use of Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot, Facebook (“fan pages”), Asianfanfics, Dreamer’s Den

** thanks to NSSLM for their insight

***last updated January, 5, 2011

****to see snapshots/screencaps of website layouts through the years (i.e. Soompi, the WA), check out the snapshot tag.

17 thoughts on “KPOP FIC HISTORY

  1. Wow..the fact that you listed this all! Just amazing.
    Being able to look over it..and remember this and that..
    Of course there’s a lot I don’t remember (having only gotinto kpop around ’07) but I have read a lot of those older fics on Soompi.

    And it’s just amazing..the way everything changes.

    Thanks for this!
    I hope more people get a chance to take a look at it!


    1. hey manda, you may not be able to find all of the older stories on soompi because of the soompi crash that happened in 05 (the site literally had to start over with a clean slate) but you’ll be able to find some of them via the library on this blog. & although things may change, i hope the love for fics never does ^o^ ~ thanks for visiting (:

  2. Reading this makes me feel nostalgic over a time in kpop and fanfiction I wasn’t even involved with, yet because I’ve read things over all those periods I feel like they are truly alive in me. It saddens me I wasn’t apart of it and how much kpop has changed. Sure, the quality of music has gone better, but from reading and listening to older times in kpop I have to think something is missing. Kpop is so huge now I don’t think it’s as personal and new anymore, and the fan connection is not the same. Back in the day there weren’t as many groups and new groups and music popping up daily. The fandoms were different as well I think more dedicated and not split. Also, the old type of uhljjangs and iljeens things like that have disappeared more and more. Don’t get me wrong it’s still good, I just get a feeling of it not being the same, even if I wasn’t apart of the beginning I wish I was.

    1. I know what you mean ^^ Sometimes nostalgia can get the better of us, but just remember that being in the now is just as important as the past! History never stops–and those who are involved in whatever it is that they are make all the difference to the makeup of the social/historical fabric of the times (: Keep it up!

  3. A fic that describes it a bit and is a bit nostalgic and captures the rise of kpop nicely is Banana Pancakes chapter 16 when it talks about “DongMin and I were fourteen when the world, as we knew it, became star stuck.

    At the time, Korea was suddenly hit with a cultural phenomenon. Pop music raided, taking no prisoners and reduced the entertainment world to its knees. It gave birth to legendary groups like H.O.T., Sechskies, G.O.D., and then the momentum spitted out renowned groups like S.E.S, Shinhwa, FinKL, etc. It was the craze back then, and anybody who was anybody could get tickets to be in the arena of SBS, KBS, MBC, etc., to watch their favorite gasoos perform.”

    Haha. Now I feel like I need to reread Banana Pancakes for like the 5th time.

  4. oh man, i didn’t even realize i would be considered part of the “old school” era haha. this was a really fun read and such a blast to the past, thank you for taking the time to compile ^^

  5. Wow… it’s really been such a journey. Having read-back (via Shoebox) a lot of classics, I can truly see a lot of the different trends and shift of characters used. I have to say though, I enjoyed the stories from different periods and I read for the stories not so much so for the celebrities or the whole getting involved with the advertising/banners/pm list thing.

  6. This looks good, I wonder if you can complete it with fics from 2011/12. May you should add recommendations of your favourite fanfics! Like a top 10 or something!! Do you look out for ongoing stories?

  7. Great list! But I can’t believe My PingPongBoy by Moe isn’t even on there. Before Soompi’s 05 crash, that thread owned it all.

    And The Uhljjang Who Couldn’t Play The Piano by chaoticrose!!!!

    They were both the mega 05 stars.

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