Time Vault is a blog dedicated to covering the history and content of kpop fanfiction and the people behind the madness.

People of interest split into three general groups: writers, readers, and site managers (founders, administrators, moderators, hosts.)

Entries split into three main categories: interviews, commentaries, activities.

Blog followers and fic addicts are encouraged to visit the fic library.

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Have questions and don’t know where to ask them? Feel free to post on this page, or email timevaulted[at]gmail.com.

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The blog is run by fancracked.

16 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I think this blog is a great idea. Kpop fanfics has been around for so long and no one has ever done anything about it but have a forum filled with doc. only. I really appreciated this.

    I read the interviews and wow, that’s exactly how I felt during the early 2000s. Life in soompi before the crash was more simple. It was messy and more free. I truly missed those days. haha!

    I think this is a great BLOG. If you need more advertisement on this, I’ll be more than willing to make banners for you.

    1. I’m not sure if you’ll see this so I’ll e-mail you (:

      Thanks for reading & I know what you mean about the “simple/good days” back then haha~ Hopefully these interviews/posts can bring some of those lovely days back (:

  2. hey thanks for creating this site!
    in the beginning, i wasn’t really into in kpop fanfics so i only read stories from buzznet. but somehow, i don’t remember how it started, i started searching for bigbang fanfics and found wedding rings and my oh so hott player in soompi…these two awesome stories kind of kickstarted my obsession with kpop and NG fanfics…
    i guess i’m like most readers out there…fanfics are THE place for us to escape the harsh reality…i’m not ashamed to say that i’m pretty old as compared to the other readers and i occasionally read fanfics during working hours…if it weren’t for fanfics, i would have died trying to cope with the stress of a working adult ):
    so thank you again for putting up Time Vault. i know i’d missed a whole lot of great stories posted before the soompi crash and with this site, i have the chance to read those fics

    thank you <3

    1. hey mumuz, glad to see you here & happy to hear that you’re into fics/big bang :D you’re not the only one who’s told me you read fics specifically at work — i think we all do it from time to time … or when we’re procrastinating in general haha

      thanks for stopping by & hope to see you around ^^

  3. This site is really incredible. I found it via Nichi and I’m definitely going to keep coming back to read all the new interviews. ^^ It’s great to find new stories for veteran writers and readers like myself.

    Never once have I seen a site that interviews fan-fiction authors quite like this. It’s really astounding and awesome. ^^

    Good luck with the site and I hope you continue for a long time!

  4. I must say, I’m so thankful you made this! And I’m even more grateful that you have one of the few fanfics I’ve been able to finished in your library! I acutally lost my copy of my story so I decided to google it and I found it here! So I just want to express my thankfulness to you! Thanks!

  5. oh my God i’ve been looking for this site since forever. thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site. i’m kinda ‘new’ in the whole fanfic hijinks and then i found out that apparently there are actually lots of high quality fanfics goes forgotten because of the soompi crash and i didn’t even know because i hadn’t even dipped my toe into kpop back then. thank you so much!

  6. This blog is awesome! =] I never knew it existed until I visited the About Us section on AFF. I also have a blog dedicated to fanfiction (somewhat & other randomness) in general. Of course, it’s definitely not a niche like yours here (dedicating to kpop fanfic). I love the timeline! =D

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