Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a status/consensus check and update in regards to the WordPress.

To be honest, I thought everyone would be in hibernation mode/I didn’t expect a lot of feedback… so I was surprised to receive the heartfelt messages and comments you left/emailed. It means a lot to hear from you — your memories, your love for “the good old days,” etc.

I’ll be keeping the blog up, though I can’t guarantee heavy activity in the future. For those who subscribe to the WordPress/who don’t venture onto Tumblr, please visit us on Tumblr for day by day reblogs and writing/reading-related content.

Thank you once again to everyone who reached out. I’ll keep this home open ^^

2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. i’ve been a long time lurker i’m so glad time vault won’t be shut down permanently. i come by for fan fiction + etc when i feel nostalgic and want to read something cheesy hehe.

  2. I had the most random urge to re-read some old fics and I am soooooo glad this is still open. Literally, all other sites are no longer available :(

    Although this comment is 2 years late – I am so grateful that you kept this open and that the dload links still work!!

    Thank you so much!!

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