Friends, readers and writers,

Time Vault was started with one objective: to preserve the kpop fanfiction world as we knew it. From Winglin chapter indexes to Solid07 forum jumps to Soompi Town heyday memories. We grew up together, we “graduated” together as readers and writers, finding one another again at the likes of the WA, Ficlics, and DD. We stuck it out even after we drifted from fandom and related activities, because we were and always will be a community.

I am writing this post because I am considering the possibility of closing down the WordPress site. I know the majority of you are no longer active, but I’d like to give you a chance to chime in if you have an opinion either way, since the blog was started as something for the community.

You can reach me here on tumblr or via email at

— fancracked

6 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Seeing this post it made a bit sad inside.
    The blog has come a long way, considering how it started it all. The timeline of collecting the old stories, separating them into eras of fiction and explaining the different genre. It brings back a lot of old memories to me. The blog is very well organized, I can click on each section and find what I want compared to tumblr that has an archive.

    I think that you can still keep this blog, and just update it once in a while with posts, or just leave it open to public so that others can come back and reminiscence the old times or just read the interviews. I would appreciate it!

    Or make it more active to have guest posts by writers or readers. Might change it up a bit :) Example: “how to start a fanfic” – beginners version. Something like that.

    1. Thanks manyhx3 — I really appreciate your ongoing support and readership over the years! I’ll be sure to make an update on how I’ll proceed hereon out.

  2. T_T

    I feel sad and hollow inside, I don’t know why. Probably because the fanfic craze has died and a lot of the old writers and readers have moved on with their lives. We were all pretty young and free back then during the craze. Now we are probably married with a family to care for aS well as heavier responsibilities. I have never contributed anything to the community, and I feel guilty for always taking and not giving :( I’m sorry I have nothing much to contribute as a reader and I wish that one day I could give something back.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for the stellar effort and passion you put in building this blog to where it is now. the interviews with the writers, reviews and recommendations of fics, and especially the wonderful library. Thank you for organizing the fics neatly and sharing them with all of us. I remember being so thirsty for something good to read and when I found this blog I was rejuvenated. this blog became like a juice bar where all the thirsty readers come for free drinks. Kekeke.!

    But I really hope this isn’t goodbye. Like the person above, I hope this blog stays alive so that we can revisit sometime Later and immerse ourselves in fanfics like we used to. I hope I don’t sound too selfish :S I understand that, like the rest of us, you also have your own future ahead of you. Therefore I hope you make the decision that is most convenient for you! :)

    1. Aiyo — no need to apologize! One need only think back to posts with the words “saved!” & “first post!” to remember/recall how much fun we all had together as readers (and writers). Cheers to you Erzzie, & thank you for always reading and following the happenings of this blog/our little fic world<33

  3. I just came by your site like yesterday and to be honest. I was extremely thrilled and to see a few of my favourite fanfics made me sooo happy. So please dont close down. This brings back so many memories! Thanks for making this site ;)

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