[READING LOG] Dark Night by fatsoko

Long time, no write. Hello, hello :) I’m alive/the ship is still sailing and rocking on the Time Vault tumblr, just less active here on wordpress. Do follow us there for daily reblogs and quick shares.

In the meanwhile, here is possibly the quickest reading log entry up to date:

1) Head over to DD aka Dreamer’s Den & check out the awessome art/designgallery threads & fics that’ve been posted there for SS 2014 i.e. Debbie’s (mawluh’s) The Hatchling Dragon & Kna’s At Certain Times After Midnight.

2) It’s a miracle! Like a mirage in the desert… Did we or did we not just spot a fic posted by fatsoko in 2014??!!!!! Titled Dark Nights, it’s set in the verse of White Christmas. I don’t know if we can call White Christmas a cult favorite anymore. An overnight success/fandom take over? Whatever the case, the drama and the fic are most recommended! As always, you can expect lots of promising depth and wisdom and salt for the taking from the steady hands and ink of the one and only fatsoko.

Have a good night/day, fellow readers & writers!! Cheers ^^*

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