Reading Log

Two open letters and then a few fic recs (:

An open letter to writers:

It’s a little past fall, a little into the start of winter. A perfect time for fan crack to warm up the cold, and also the perfect time to be inspired to write dark, red angsty and delicious fics… All of which I would gladly gobble up and read in a heartbeat. So if you could please provide this fangirl with some of your lovely writing, it would be greatly appreciated!

An open letter to readers:

Ahem, sharing is caring (; And in that vein, if you could do fandom a favor and share recommendations/reading logs of what you’ve been reading, it’d be uber appreciated huhuhu! Please and thank you, me fellow fangirl readers m_ _m

1. Paper Planes by skyelee aka Tara

I love stories that open like old storybooks. It’s even more of a treat when you discover a book or story for an older audience that still has that touch. I think Paper Planes has that special nostalgic quality to it, and I’d recommend you read it for that sole reason if for nothing else ^^v

Paper Planes starts with the chance meeting of two characters (Jeon Jihyun and Skylar) who meet in of all places, a limbo between heaven and earth. Both are coma patients who can only wake up from limbo if they receive enough well wishes from their loved ones back home. These well wishes come in the form of the fic’s namesake, paper planes. One of the characters receives planes from the get-go, while the other sits in waiting for any at all.

I think what makes Paper Planes such a pleasant read is how it colors its characters in, whether we’re talking about the ones in the clouds or the ones waiting back home. I also love how its tone comes off softly, not that the same can be said for the backstories of our characters…

The fic can be found on Wattpad, updated every Wednesday ^^

“Why don’t you go back home?”

Another shade of cheer gone and she feels sorry she asked.

“I don’t get enough paper planes,” he replies with a shrug. “And that’s that.”

Without warning, a loud swishing sound is heard around them again, and a bunch of paper planes emerge out of nowhere. Skylar only watches as they all fall on the other’s cloud, and they exchange glances for a while. He sees the sorry flicker in her eyes and he smiles. “It’s okay.”

She seems reluctant to unfold a plane, but when she looks back up at him, she sees a paper plane drop on his lap.

The look on his face is inexplicable.

“Someone thought of you,” she points out, feeling an ounce of hope for this man in front of her.

Skylar swallows a lump in his throat. Could it be—Jeannie, have you found me? He unfolds the paper plane quickly, brows knitting together when he sees a handwriting he couldn’t identify.

Be strong, soldier.

2. Wild & Young by algebra > geometry/soldieron aka Kna

2NE1 and Hayi are known as “monster rookies” from YG, but I think YG WIN’s two teams have taken the cake and title from their predecessors. I’m hoping that they inspire lots and lots of fic writers and readers for ages to come (; because a good fic never hurt no one and this noona fan needs the goods ;p

That said, thank the YG gods for Kna and her Wild & Young snippet thread at Dreamer’s Den. The thread’s main OTP is Minji x Seungyoon, and if you haven’t considered the possibility between the two of them, you’ll find yourself shipping them hard by the end of the thread’s latest update for sure huhu

There’s a YG TV-feel to the first snippet with overprotective 2NE1 unni shenanigans, an absorbing (not to mention romantic) ghost story with the second snippet, and lastly, an action pack saeguk/fuedal era story with the most recent update ^^ (There may or may not be a smexy Hanbin assassin in one of these… … …) Some excerpts follow ^^


“Where should we sit?” Sandara asked, looking meaningfully at Minji. Minji had already taken the spot on the end. “Ah, Seungyoon—”

“Sit by me, please,” Chaerin said. Seungyoon, on edge, nodded and bowed and took his seat. Sandara pouted, but eventually she took a seat right next to Inna.

Seungyoon fidgeted in his seat. Chaerin, however, sat perfectly still, legs crossed, hands folded in her lap. She stared right in front of her at the screen, reading the messages. Seungyoon cleared his throat; she didn’t even glance in his direction. He wondered if maybe he could get away with shouting in her face to get her to loosen up. Then he remembered that this was Chaerin and she would probably choke him on live-air and get away with it.

“Ooh,” Bom said, noticing the tension.

By the time their segment had ended, Chaerin got a feel of what this Seungyoon kid was like. He was working hard to make sure that people accepted him. She knew about that competition he was in, but she didn’t really care about that; she had the feeling that there was something else driving him. The fame? The money? But he didn’t seem like that type.

“So?” Bom asked in a hushed voice as Sandara, Inna and Minji made small talk with Seungyoon. Chaerin made a face.

“He’s stupidly nice,” she admitted. “And he’s got a stupidly nice voice. And he makes Minji stupidly smile. I think I like him.”

“Heol,” Bom sighed, and the two of them watched as their maknae gave that stupid smile to the company maknae. “Me too.”

“Jiyong oppa’s gonna hate us.”

“I know.”


She turned, spotted him, and lost her balance.

Seungyoon didn’t hesitate; he made to grab her at once, only to realize that she wasn’t falling and that his hand had gone through her. She had disappeared into thin air that day, absolutely frightened, but when he came back day after day searching for her, she eventually made herself known out of curiosity. Who on earth was this boy who wasn’t afraid of her?

And now—now Seungyoon was sure that he was in love with a ghost. She had been the first one that he had ever seen, but since their meeting he found himself able to see others. They lurked in corners, away from potential human contact. “It’s not that we can feel you,” Eunbi explained one day. “It’s more like we don’t want to.”

“Why not?”

“We don’t like to be reminded.”

Seungyoon thought about that now as he lay on his back and stared up at the clouds. He idly plucked a few strings on his guitar. Eunbi leaned back on her hands, staring out over campus. These were moments that he loved most—just him and Eunbi and the roof, under the expansive sky. But now that he was thinking instead of just feeling, was his presence just a reminder to Eunbi of what she no longer was?


Seungyoon didn’t think. One second he saw the sword heading for Minji’s neck, and the next thing he knew he had blocked it with his own blade. Time stood still; he could see his fellow soldier’s eyes widening as their blades scratched onto each other. He took in half a breath before his hand found Minji’s, and he pulled her down. The sword swinging for her neck grazed her hair as she fell into his arms. A whole breath this time, and Minji pushed away, placing one foot squarely in the chest of a soldier, her palm knocking the teeth out of another.

Her hand found his without searching, and when Seungyoon realized what had just happened, they were running out of the palace doors. He faltered, but only for the barest of moments. He wordlessly yanked on her arm, jolting her out of her run. He could see the fear in her eyes, wondering if he had betrayed her at the last second.

Instead of acknowledging it, Seungyoon adjusted his grip on her fingers and leapt over the side of the bridge and into the shallow bank. Minji tumbled over like a second shadow, falling to her feet with hardly a splash. He continued to run, pulling her along, already knowing where he was headed. At the end of the bank was a tunnel; most soldiers avoided it because it was rumored that the tunnel was cursed. He personally had never gone through it, but Seunghoon had, many times, and he had claimed that it was harmless.

Seungyoon paused once he spotted a figure at the end of the bank. The figure was standing right in front of the door to the tunnel path. At first his hand went to his sword, but when he recognized who it was, his hand fell from his side.


If you’re in the mood for something light, silly and full of crack, check out In Which the Rabbit and the King, also by Kna ^^

A quick snippet:

The second the production manager said everything was all set, Chaerin grabbed Sandara by her skinny little arm and dragged her off the stage and down the hall.

“Come with me, I have bad eyesight and can’t read well, you know, the letters on the doors are so small,” Chaerin said, which was code for I Can’t Read Korean (Do You Remember Inkigayo Last Week?). She found the restroom in an instant and slammed the door in Sandara’s face. Sandara was left standing there, staring at the sign. And then she tried the handle, which, of course, was locked. What if she needed to pee too?!

Sandara pondered for a moment what would happen if she tried to knock the door down (obviously nothing, seeing as she was weaker than a piece of bread spotted by Park Bom) when she heard his voice.

“That’s the men’s room.”

She turned around to see Kim Heechul. He was staring at her again…

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