In the spirit of autumn, I thought I’d compile a short list of soundscape resources for anyone who may be interested in musing to the sounds of nature ^^;;

  • Rainy Mood. As the site’s tagline says, rain makes everything better (; P.S. Check out Rainy Mood’s tumblr for rain + select artist combos.
  • Nature Sounds. Compose your own track of nature’s elements through Nature Sounds. This is basically a customizable version of Rainy Mood with greater selection.
  • Calm Sound. Visit various places in Mother Nature’s backyard, from the ocean to the country to the rain forest, etc.
  • August Ambience. Recreates the memory of a quiet summer night, when all you can hear are the crickets, the cicadas, and your own heartbeat. ^^
  • And lastly, to help paint the picture of fall time, Forest Mood. :)

If you’d like to recommend any sites/music/resources, send us an email at timevaulted[at]gmail or visit our tumblr’s ask box ^^

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