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Maybe it’s just my overly curious personality, but I always appreciate learning more about a topic I’m interested in. I admit I indulge in finding behind the scenes footage from my favorite shows and movies (sometimes enjoying them more than the “real” content itself).

That said, I thought it’d be fun to go behind the scenes with writers and readers to hear their thoughts and backstories related to fics, creativity, and more. — To refresh the conversation, I’ll be starting up a mini audio-driven “behind the scenes” series. :)

Debbie (highbreed/bhebie9) was super awesome and agreed to record the first “track” of this series. The prompt: read and comment on a piece of yours, new or old. Debbie chose to read Guilt Trip, a oneshot she wrote in 2007. This piece brought me back to old times as a writer and as a reader (; Many thanks to Debbie for being brave and taking to the mic and sharing her fic and thoughts with us!!

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