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x Daul

Tell me, is the rose naked
or is that her only dress?
Why do trees conceal
the splendor of their roots?
Who hears the regrets
of the thieving automobile?
Is there anything in the world sadder
than a train standing in the rain?

x Neruda, III from The Book of Questions

Writers end up writing stories — or rather, stories’ shadows — and they’re grateful if they can but it is not enough. Nothing the writer can do is ever enough. … A writer loves the dark, loves it, but is always fumbling around in the light.

x Joy Willians, Why Writers Write

The only thing you can really leave behind is culture. Music, you know? And dignity and determination — that’s what we get. I feel like I’m cheated because instead of me fulfilling my prophecy, I have to start one. Instead of me doing a good job of carrying on an empire, I have to build one. And that’s a hell of a job for a twenty one year old. For anyone.

x Tupac, unaired MTV interview

Angella Nazarian: Who are the people in your life who won’t let you fail?

Somaly Mam: My girls, victims and survivors. They are a huge part of my life. I could not do whatever I am doing without support from my girls. They are so special to me.

x Huffington Post Impact Interview

Of all the things to quote (related to Somaly Mam), I chose this one only because I thought the question was thought provoking on its own, and because I think her answer answers her younger self — the one whose friend was killed in front of her, the one who did not have all the answers but a gut instinct to run, survive, and help others.

x y otherwordly

x Candidate (etsy)

x mimiko

I’m part of a generation that seems especially resigned to watching things we encountered in childhood disappear: landline telephones, newspapers, fossil fuels. But leaving your kids a world without wild animals feels like a special tragedy, even if it’s hard to rationalize why it should.

The truth is that most of us will never experience the Earth’s endangered animals as anything more than beautiful ideas. They are figments of our shared imagination, recognizable from TV, but stalking places — places out there — to which we have no intention of going. I wondered how that imaginative connection to wildlife might fray or recalibrate as we’re forced to take more responsibility for its wildness.

It also occurred to me early on that all three endangered species I was getting to know could be gone by the time Isla is my age. It’s possible that, thirty years from now, they’ll have receded into the realm of dinosaurs, or the realm of Pokémon, for that matter — fantastical creatures whose names and diets little kids memorize from books. And it’s possible, too, I realized, that it might not even make a difference, that there would still be polar bears on footsy pajamas and sea turtle-shaped gummy vitamins — that there could be so much actual destruction without ever meaningfully upsetting the ecosystems in our minds.

x Jon Mooallem, Wild Ones

Less related to writing/reading but I enjoyed the writing itself and the point(s) made.

Happy reading & writing :)

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