In celebration of Shinhwa’s 15th Anniversary, here’s a list of titles and quotes/teasers from some of my favorite Shinhwa fics. You can find links by clicking on each quote (or through the library). What are your favorite Shinhwa fics? hehe ~~



  1. Ermehgerd!! *w*.
    Thank you so muuuuch ~~ <3

    Oh yeah. FYI, I think you forgot to put the download link for Black Butterfly. :3

    Anyways, now I'm no longer bored!! I have now a wide variety of fanfics ~~ ^___^. Thank you again!!

  2. Aw damn, you’re making me feel bad here for not ‘releasing’ Black Butterfly, Phim. LOL But thank you for including my fic. I had a huge smile on my face while reading through these quotes. I will send a message to iluvfany86 and send her here since she is also mentioned. I’m sure she will be surprised, haha. As a long time Shinhwa fan, I’m proud of this post and I’m like, “Yayy Minwoo!” for him having the most fics on this list. :)

    1. haha! it’s all good :) & happy to hear about iluvfany~~

      also, my minwoo loving self couldn’t help it… no one can take the place of LMW. in any fangirl’s heart, in kpop’s heart, in kpop fanfiction’s heart bwahahaha

  3. Shwhoa*~ Snapples. This is bring back the good old Shinhwa days. :) Thank you for the compilation. I almost forgot about Minwoo’s Daughter. Harhar! I’m going to go back and read it again. I love Minwoo but I’ll always love Hwanhee more. :) Thanks timevault and kpopchild.

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