MIXES 9-16


❆ Mix 9 | akirasberry (jen)

a few of my current inspirations <3

  1. Casino Versus Japan – Aquarium
  2. Pixies – Hey
  3. Emily Wells- Becomes the Color
  4. Lee Byung Woo – Epilouge

**more mixes under the cut


❆ Mix 10 | insane_menace

  1. AMP – Never Change – A song about God’s love for his people
  2. Draft Punk – Solar Sailor (Pretty Lights remix) – 0:53 – get dat!
  3. Desperation Band – Strong God – Incredibly powerful, one of my fav. tracks
  4. Hiatus – Dawn – Slow and beautiful.
  5. Amethystium – Shadow to Light – Pretty pretty pretty.
  6. AMP – Beauty – Celebrating the beauty of creation, fearfully and wonderfully made


❆ Mix 11 | kpopchild

I’ve come to realize that there are only a handful of songs (and few particular genres) that inspire me when it comes to writing. Regardless of how old these songs may be, these songs have something about them that really sticks to me and time after time I return to them for inspiration.

When writing I often listen to movie soundtracks (from Hollywood blockbusters and Korean dramas), as well as artists such as E.S. Posthumus, The Immediate, and the likes. I know people often find kind of music to be a bit too dramatic, but I find it entertaining and inspirational.

After wrapping up this selection for this winter mix, I’ve suddenly realized that a lot of the songs I chose are rather depressing. My collection in its entirety is ridiculously huge, so I’ve limited the playlist to the songs that I thought were wintery and inspirational – do check out other songs by the artists in this playlist if you have time.

Here’s to hoping these depressing songs will invoke your writing spirits this winter! Cheers!

  1. Assassin’s Creed
  2. Hans Zimmer
  3. Craig Armstrong
  4. Clint Mansell – Dead Reckoning
  5. Clint Mansell – The Last Man
  6. Craig Armstrong – Wake Up In New York
  7. Glen Hansard ft. Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly
  8. Lene Marlin – My Love
  9. Lindsey Stirling – Elements
  10. Michael Nyman – The Heart Asks Pleasure First
  11. Nell – It’s Okay
  12. Open City OST – 잠시 나였던 너
  13. Robin Thicke – Dreamworld
  14. Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong
  15. Tablo – 집 (Feat. 이소라)
  16. Taesaja – Poem
  17. Temposhark – It’s Better To Have Loved
  18. Tracy Chapman – Sing For You
  19. E.S. Posthumus [not included in DL]


  1. Cee-Lo Green | Wildflower sexy is in season; share your sunshine with me
  2. The Weeknd – Do It | baby girl, we’ll dance until the sun kidnaps the night
  3. Tyrone Wells – Sink Or Swim | this could be a shipwreck on a shore or we could sail away forevermore
  4. Robin Thicke – Superman | and i never thought that anyone could love someone so much that they give up on everything
  5. Radwimps – Hotaru | everything is half happy things and half sad things — that’s why, in the end, it can equal zero
  6. Gym Class Heroes – Shoot Down The Stars | we’ll shake up this town and shoot down the stars for our enjoyment
  7. Kevin Rudolf – Great Escape | one night when i was asleep, i had a dream i could fly
  8. M.I.A – World Town | if you’re dead from the waist then it’s easy staying down


❆ Mix 13 | starforme

random mix of songs. i typically listen to mellow songs or else the music distracts me haha ~

  1. 想幸福的人 – Rainie Yang
  2. Not Broken – Skye
  3. Shotgun City – Jennah Bell
  4. I Miss You (Beyonce Cover) – Jeremy Passion
  5. Paris Blue – Lykke Li
  6. Sooner Than Later (Drake Cover) Jenny Suk
  7. 몰라야 할 말 – Sung Joon
  8. Distortion – ent – Solanin OST
  9. Ideals or Hopes – Helios
  10. 서시 (MC the Max Cover) – Jaejoong
  11. My Heart Is Like The Stars (Hyunchul Cover) – Sunggyu
  12. Only Tears (Piano Cover) – Infinite
  13. Snowfall in Kumamoto – Marie Digby
  14. 꿈으로 오는 한 사람 – Piano Poem


❆ Mix 14 | JENNY*

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of mellow, indie songs. The winter weather puts me into a comfortable, slow mood.

❆ Mix 16 | Calida [leelerson]

I don’t normally do a lot of creative writing these days, but I definitely edit. And unfortunately, because editing requires me to read, which requires me show HQ movies in my head (also another reason why I don’t partake in scary stories/movies), I allocate all my energy to reading aloud and mostly edit in silence. BUT alas, there are a few songs that I believe are quite timeless, and are flowing with inspiration; I always find myself coming back to these songs when I need “mood lighting” for my thoughts.

Song list for inspiration/mood lighting

(in no particular order other than alphabetical)

  1. 2NE1 – It Hurts (Official Instrumental)
  2. Aston – Confide In Me (Classical Cover of Kylie Minogue)
  3. Epik High – GHOST (INTERLUDE)
  4. Hillsong – Bones
  5. Hillsong United – Like an Avalanche – Devoshun Remix [Actually, I HIGHLY recommend the original too.]
  6. Lara Fabian – Dream Within [Old school, I know… :P]
  7. Meiko Kaji – The Flower Of Carnage (Kill Bill OST)
  8. Noel – 돌아가는 길 (이상곤 Solo)
  9. Tablo ft Lee Sora – Jib (Home)
  10. Yann Tiersen – Comptine d’Un Autre Été  (Amélie OST)
  11. Yann Tiersen – J’Y Suis Jamias Allé- (Amélie OST)

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