Collection Time ~


Many thanks to Erzzie for sending me some fics that she’s collected over time. :)

We’d love to receive any docs you have as well to add to our library. **If you are submitting docs for fics that were not written by you, please make sure that the writers did not release a non-distribution message. As stated on the library’s main page, the purpose of Time Vault’s fic library is to collect and preserve kpop fics through the ages. It aims to be a resource for those who are interested and invested in the fic community.

Time Vault respects the rights of all writers. Please e-mail timevaulted[AT] if you would like to remove your fics from this library, or if you’d like to add your fics to the library. ^^

— Erzzie’s fic list —

The Sheep Who Cried Wolf by Thao

Letters to You by biteme_lestat

Keys Before My Eyes Written by Thao

Petals in the Wind by whysper

You’re Retarded Sir by x_connie

Little Vietnamese Girl by vietgirl604

Sun Shower by Veneer

Forever Remain by jyl

A Hearts Unsaid Words by BlissfulSimplicity

Paint Me the Sky by missy_jiee

Paparazzi by Eun Ban Ji

Loved and Lost by Unknown

Bowls of Kimchi by laizuki

The Bum Who Fell into a Pothole by lilshinhwafreak

Sorry by qweeererooqweer

Concerto for Two Violins by LoveSeed

Your Dog Humped My Leg by TheShyGirl

Remember by qweeererooqweer

Strawberry Shortcake’s Single Flaw by kawaki

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