❆ Mix 1 | Min

  1. Good Morning – Verbal Jint ft Kwon Jungyeol from 10cm – a lot of people probably know this song, because it’s such an awesome song. i really like this song because it is so awesome.
  2. When You Turn the Corner (골목을 돌면) – voice is Gummy, but composed/produced by Goo Hyesun – i’m not completely satisfied with this translation of the title. i’m sure there is a more legitimate one that i don’t know about. i actually found out about this a while ago, but i think it sounds very wintry. gummy’s voice is the musical equivalent of a hot cup of beverage on a cold day.
  3. Cafe Latte – Geeks – geeks are so cute. their songs are so adorable. and cafe latte~ it’s a hot drink for a cold day~ so wintry.
  4. Talamak – Toro Y Moi – i don’t know if anyone will like this song, because it’s more experimental, but he uses very common sounds, that are not commonly used in most songs. it’s like listening to a picture. if that makes any sense.
  5. Morning Call – Peter Pan Complex -omg peter pan complex i love them. they’re one of those cute bands that talk about love in an innocent and obvious way, like how come no one else ever said that like that.
  6. Love Is- Dynamic Duo ft Tasha and Bumkey – DD, T, Bumkey. three ingredients for a great song.
  7. Left Lady- Heukko – i don’t know if anyone else is watching KPOP STAR, but one of the contestants sang this song, and i really liked it, so i found the mp3! you’re welcome because it took me a long time to find it :P unless someone else found it really easily. then i would like to know how you found it.
  8. Lace Fingers/hands (깍지껴요) – Alex ft Gaeko – it means to lace hands idk how to translate it really. it’s a more poetic way of saying “hold hands” like, you wouldn’t normally say “oh look at that couple walking down the street with laced fingers.” you would just be like, “look at that couple holding hands.” and gaeko is in it. i love gaeko. i wish there was a little more gaeko.
  9. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg – i got this song from my friend because i don’t know where to find american music. idek if he’s american. but it sounds nice, and coffee shops are absolutely wintry.
  10. Ordinary People – John Legend – who doesn’t love john legend’s voice.

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