Welcome to Time Vault’s special Winter Mix tumblr. We’ll be releasing song mixes and recommendations throughout the holiday season starting tonight!


Is it too late to send in a mix?
Nope ^^ I’ll continue to update this blog so long as people send in recommendations (mp3s please!)

How do I send in a mix?
Email or submit.

Info for emails: Send to timevaulted [at] gmail with the subject title Winter Mix. **Please include your name/screen name & the song titles and their respective artists. **Recommended number of tracks: 4-12.

Do I need to add any captions and commentary?
Nope, but you are welcome to do so if you feel inclined ^^

What if I just want to recommend one song and don’t have an mp3?
Send me the title in the ask page or submit a youtube video. :)

Does the song have to be wintry? Or just a song I like?
Anything that you like & find inspiring in general.

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