In which N reminds me of our old fanficcy days…

My roomie & best friend N technically introduced fics to me (I’ve mentioned before of the round about way I was introduced to fics so I’ll say “technically” here :P). She stopped being active in the fic world many years ago, but while cleaning up her room/packing up to get back to campus, she discovered this old relic.

Can you guess what’s inside? hehe

She and I had different tastes in fics and in gasoos (she was an HOT girl, I was a Shinhwa girl). However, we both agreed that By Heart, By Soul was one of the greatest — thus, we crowned it as one of our mutual favorites. We knew it’d be a timeless classic even back then :P so I decided to print it out for her birthday — it was before we graduated middle school to give you an idea of how old we were haha.

I posted these pictures on tumblr and received this comment from Tara aka skyelee/twostepflight.

Follow the comment feed/add to the discussion and share your memories of printing out and reading fics together with friends here ^^

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