You’ve written a lot of fics and I don’t want to tire you out, but can you share a story or two about some of your fics? ^^
Ah, good question.

I did not know that Moonshine (or MoonShyne) is ‘an illegally produced distilled beverage’ when I had decided to use that name for my female lead in By Heart, By Soul. That is truly a WTF name and I would never do it again.

Dark Blue was inspired by a poster I made. I am not sure if I still have the poster.

Candlelight was the follow-up fic to Walking In The Rain. I eventually abandoned when the story when it got too grossly romantic for me. I usually don’t like to abandon my fics, but I just couldn’t deal with all the incoherent mushiness. LOL

In correlation to the previous question/answer about my 2D Minwoo character, my most different (or tested, if you will) version of Minwoo is from Wolf & Sheep. He’s a lot more selfish and power-hungry; his character in Wolf  Sheep was actually inspired by ‘the vampire’, so hopefully that explains his lack of ghetto (for a gangster), his forwardness, and why he bites.

The title The Difference Between A Wolf & A Sheep is an unusually long one, isn’t it? What inspired me to go with such a long title was the fact that about 85% of the fanfics on Soompi (and other forums) during that time had very short titles; even the longer titles were not as ridiculously long. I purposely chose to go with a long title because my two previous fics had short titles (Dark Blue, Black Butterfly), and I thought it’d be amusing.

You’ve written stories involving ghosts/supernatural elements, gangsters, romance :P, etc. I’m wondering if there’s something you have yet to cover that you’d like to tackle in the future as a writer? 

Angst. (Maybe a mix of angst and erotica). I have a love/hate relationship with angst because I love reading angsty stuff, but I suck at writing angst. Maybe after getting my ass whooped, I can attempt something along the lines of fantasy fiction; it won’t be anything too crazy with dragons or talking trees, but perhaps something set in outer space, another planet, or under the sea if I choose to write about mermaids (I somehow feel this is going to be very silly). As for erotica, well, Min Woo is very sexy and all that sexiness has to go somewhere.

I remember reading Dark Blue back on the forums — I think it was already finished by the time I got to it, but I was really awed by how supportive and awesomely entertaining your readers were as I read through the pages haha ~ ^^;
I think the individual relationship between a reader and writer (no matter which pairing) can be pretty special. I actually met my closets friends through fanfics!Fanfics forums, in my opinion, was a livelier place back in the days. I’m not sure what it’s like in other fanfics threads on Soompi nowadays (particularly those featuring the younger idol groups), but for Wolf & Sheep, it’s been relatively quiet. My readers comment and I’m always thankful for the feedback, but compared to back then, the scene has definitely chilled down.The whole fanfics fandom thing (fangirling about the real idols, fangirling about the fictional portrayal of that idol, fangirling about the popular writers, and of course, stalking the readers who were known for being exceptionally crazy) really contributed to the energetic atmosphere of the fanfics scene. I remember my Dark Blue thread on Soompi had 280+ pages, and a good half of that was spam from my crazy readers and friends (whether they read or not). Most of the comments were related to the story, but unrelated comments were indeed entertaining.

I bet the ex-moderators on Soompi (wherever they are these days) still hate us [the troublesome little group that shall not be named!] for spamming and declaring war on each other’s threads. There was definitely more involvement and stronger bonds back then between writers and readers. I mean, no one goes around the fanfics forums calling fanfics writers “YOU TEABAG (CURSE WORD HERE)” and demanding that they “POST MORE NOW OR I’LL HIROSHIMA YOUR ASS!” anymore. I think if we did, we’d be banned from the forums. LOL

I remember receiving a banner out of the blue from Vivian, who was known as lady_v back then and later on she changed her username to starlette*. She made the banner for By Heart, By Soul as an expression of how much she liked the story (it was some time in 2003, I think). That was my first encounter with banners/graphics and I was really touched by the gesture. I didn’t know then that we’d become so close. I’m equally just as close with a few other girls that I’ve met through fanfics, whether they read my stories or I read theirs. Although not all of us live on the same continent, these are people that I can always count on.

No one is on crack anymore these days, but I do hope that there will always be room for everlasting friendships between devoted readers and hardworking fanfics writers everywhere. ^^

You’ve been writing for a long time — I’m wondering what sorts of changes/transitions you’ve gone through as a writer.
I’ve come to take my writing a lot more seriously compared to when I was younger and just writing for the fun of it. Of course, fanfics are supposed to be fun and I get to exercise my brain when I write, but I constantly try to improve myself when it comes to my hobbies, such as writing, photography, graphic design, etc. If I’m going to do what I love whether or not I get paid for it, I might as well do my best, right? Therefore, the one thing that I’ve done right as a writer was getting an editor. Two, actually.

I love my editors to bits and bobs. I didn’t have any editors until I began writing Wolf & Sheep II, which is why my current fanfic don’t have as many grammatical errors and typos. Not every writer cares about grammar and typo, but editors do more than just ‘edit’ or ‘proofread’.

An editor will be your other set of eyes and voice of reason, as well as your soundboard for bouncing ideas back and forth. It’s like having a personal English teacher minus the homework who supports your crazy ideas and loves you enough to read and re-read and re-read your chapters.

When my editors disagree or question a plot change, it’s usually because they want me to have solid reasons to support that idea, hence, helping me to better develop the story. And in the middle of presenting my reasons, an even better idea will spring out of nowhere and then off I go in a frenzy state of writer-on-steroids.

If you don’t already have an editor, get one. How do you know he/she is the right one? Make sure they are better writers than you. Offer to pay them $0.05 per chapter; if they say they’ll do it for free, then you’ve found the one.

— The final part/part III will be posted soon :) Thanks for reading!


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