I’ve been following harphe’s Big Bang writing blog on tumblr for some time now and thought I’d write a rec for one of the pieces she shared on it as of late, titled Falling for Flat.

In a nutshell: Han Jiyul is a music composition student who’s on the search for many-a-thing: musical inspiration, better grades in class, but above all, approval from her over-expectant parents. The one thing she’s not interested in pursuing however, is romance. That is, until she meets Choi Seunghyun, resident casanova and self-touted musical genius.

Why it’s worth the read: 

I really enjoyed reading Falling for Flat because of its love story, but also because of its theme on identity.

On the surface, Falling for Flat is a campus love story. Jiyul and Seunghyun have an unforgettable first encounter that leads to a round of interesting meetings on campus. Seunghyun’s undeniably charming and and fitting as Jiyul’s love interest, so I can promise Tabi-loving folk gush worthy date scenes and the likes (fufufu~~).

But what I can also promise is a story that’s just as dedicated to the growth of its main character. Jiyul learns how to shape her heart and her own path as a musician and as a person with the help of her loved ones, be it friends and/or love interest. — I love that harphe focused on this aspect of Jiyul’s life as opposed to just making the story about romance. It gave more dimension to Jiyul’s character and made me connect more with the story.

This, paired with harphe’s beautiful melancholic writing style made for a great read. Hope you guys will enjoy it too (;

Here’s a short excerpt from the story.

“Yo! Dude. What are you doing out here? The party is inside. Not out here!” a guy, dressed in an all black merchant costume stumbled next to her, clearly having too much to drink. Half of his face was covered with a dark mask with gold detailing.

At first she ignored him, hoping that his curiosity with her would disappear and he would go back inside the apartment. Instead, he sat down next to her, his body slightly swaying from side to side.

“Man, you’re doing homework? At a party? Dude. Seriously. There are a lot of girls inside. Go talk to one of them…”

His speech began to slur at the end but what caught her attention was that the man thought she was a guy. The man slugged his arm over her shoulder and whispered into her ear. Her body froze from the touch while turning her head slightly to face the man.

“Yah, really. Girls… everywhere!” he motioned his arm going across the horizon.

She didn’t understand what was happening.

“Not interested. You can have them all.”

Letting go of Jiyul, he blinked a couple of times and stared at the profile view of the person he thought was a guy. His eyes then drifted downward to the pieces of paper that the person was holding in their hand. Even in his drunken state, he quickly grabbed the paper and pen.

“Hey! That’s mine. Don’t mess with it!” Jiyul told him and tried to get back what was hers…

You can find Falling for Flat on harphe’s writing tumblr, of all days.

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