Journal Project: track shots

Hey guys, hope you’ve been well ^^ Some quick notes on the journal project:

  • The journal’s been passed from harphe -> angelfightrJ -> Pseudonym -> & most recently, LAELA.
  • Thought I’d share a special note — this project’s very much a global endeavor. By the end of July, it’ll have crossed from coast to coast in the States; by the end of August, it’ll have spent the majority of its time in the eastern hemisphere; by the end of October, it’ll have reached 6 countries from 4 different continents. :D
  • You can find more details via our May update & our June update.
  • If you’re interested in participating, send me an email at timevaulted[at]



One thought on “Journal Project: track shots

  1. oh wow i havent heard of laela in a really long time lol anyways this seems like a very cool project. have fun guys ^^

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