[TEASER] kpopchild interview

Mai: I love my editors to bits and bobs. I didn’t have any editors until I began writing Wolf & Sheep II, which is why my current fanfic doesn’t have as many grammatical errors and typos. Not every writer cares about grammar and typos, but editors do more than just ‘edit’ or ‘proofread’.

An editor will be your other set of eyes and voice of reason, as well as your soundboard for bouncing ideas back and forth. It’s like having a personal English teacher minus the homework who supports your crazy ideas and loves you enough to read and re-read and re-read your chapters.

When my editors disagree or question a plot change, it’s usually because they want me to have solid reasons to support that idea, hence, helping me to better develop the story. And in the middle of presenting my reasons, an even better idea will spring out of nowhere and then off I go in a frenzy state of writer-on-steroids.

If you don’t already have an editor, get one. How do you know he/she is the right one? Make sure they are better writers than you. Offer to pay them $0.05 per chapter; if they say they’ll do it for free, then you’ve found the one.

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