Summer of the Traveling Journal?!

So I went to my university bookstore with a friend and we were floored by the new journals on display… Seeing as both of us are journal-loving types, she did not stop me from purchasing two lovely gorgeous journals… As in, beautiful green covers with neat, interesting page designs that vary throughout. I’m wondering if anyone in the fic community would be interested in participating in either

  1. A giveaway contest-type event
  2. A traveling journal-type activity as detailed above
  3. Some other project

Insights? Comments? Suggestions?

:) Stay inspired~

Edit: Check out the sumsojourn blog to follow our summer project ^^

2 thoughts on “Summer of the Traveling Journal?!

  1. Sounds fun but I must say, you need to be really trusting of the individuals you send to. I’ve been looking up penpal groups and see many stories of some who just never pull through. I suggest a group of friends around the world if you want to go international. You’ve got girls, boys, and durians…ho ho ho~

    1. Yeah, that’s why I put up the other possible ways to distribute the journals, just because I don’t know if many will be interested in joining & because I’m not sure if I want to open up a “danger” … however I do know of some wonderful durians & fic writers/readers (; ~ Shall keep you updated on how this will go~ <3

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