In a nutshell: Drawing it Out by KyoRuiEi is about a first year high school student named Taesa. The prologue sets up the premise of the fic: Taesa’s good friend Yuhwan leaves her for a new crowd of buddies.Taesa decides to toughen up and move on without Yuhwan, just as he starts warming up to her again at the start of the new school year. She meets some new friends and makes some strides with Yuhwan as well, but the journey’s far from over…

Why it’s worth the read: Drawing it Out is by no means a carbon copy of old school fics, as it is KyoRuiEi’s and only hers, but it does remind me of old school fics… The writing style, the set up between the two love interests (and their tension x suggested scarred history), the high school setting, etc. bring me right back to the early 2000s. There’s a little bit of 4tang’s Hear My Prayer (Taesa saves her love interest from a fight, much like what happened with Minwoo and the lead in Hear My Prayer). Like SoJu’s Her Water Colors, My Self Portrait, the lead is an artist. And although having kingka characters has never gotten out of style, the way Yuhwan and his friends are described remind me of the old TF fics that featured kingkas and their rings of supporters, fangirls, and haters (i.e. The Guy Holding the Flowers). — I’m stretching it with the fangirls as they have yet to be introduced into the story (if any will exist), but part of the fun for me reading this is taking a walk back through all those old fics that made me laugh/cry/etc.

I can’t help but read Drawing it Out with an “old school lens” but you don’t need to adopt one to enjoy the fic and the heart of its story and characters.

Only four chapters have been posted, but those chapters have done a great job covering the oh so familiar growing pains of puppy love and friendship-turned-romance~ Can I say guilty pleasure? ^^v

Also, one thing I especially like is Taesa’s character. She may feel emotionally vulnerable at times, but she doesn’t cower down without a fight. Shall definitely keep cheering for her and for KyoRuiEi ^^~~

Link: via soompi

Hope you’re all doing well!

I’m currently battling the midterm season :p but I chanced upon this fic tonight and felt compelled to write up a rec.

tbh, there was supposed to be a guest rec earlier this year for another fic… Maybe I should write my own rec for said fic as well? hehe ~~

Stay inspired/keep it fresh, yo. keke

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