SNAPSHOT/RANDOM: Old Interviews (Val & various Soompi writers)

Someone requested for val’s old interview (circa 2004). You can find it on AsiaFinest.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ben: Can you tell us about yourself?
Val: VAL is an acronym of my full real name and because of a stalking incident that occurred in October 2001, I rarely give out my real name anymore. I’m 23-year-old Vietnamese girl. I can read, write, and speak a little bit of Korean. It’s almost as good as my Spanish, which isn’t saying much. ^_^ I graduated college in 2002 and am finishing up my clinical program next year. I live in Kansas right now but used to live in the Orange County, California for a short period of time.

**You can access Soompi’s old interviews with fic writers through the way back time machine.


Good luck to mod jisol on her current endeavors on spotlighting writers/fics on Soompi ^^ Looking forward to seeing everyone’s votes/nominations of support.

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