In spirit of the holidays/holiday cheer,

I started working on a list of fics that are ROFL-worthy. Then I realized I tend to read depressing fics -__-;;V However… here are a few fics that are bound to draw out laughter ^^

As always, I’d love to hear recs from you via reblogs/comments/e-mails. ;)

Super funny and spunky, Sister, Dear’s cast of characters never fails to make me laugh. Every character has interesting quirks and ties to the story’s plot — from the principle Mr. Wo Man to  gaming obsessed lead, Jooeun.

As with all crack fics, this fic will make more sense/be more enjoyable for fans than non-fans. I urge you to read on nonetheless, if you’d like to giggle over the ridiculousness of Junjin’s fish named Fluffy (as a victim of an angry Jung Pilgyo Shin Hyesung), gangster lessons from Eric, and so on. hehe I can’t say more or else I’ll ruin the fun, but this is a suuuper fun read.

I’ve already recommended this fic so I won’t say much more than romcom guilty pleasure at its purest. ^^v

Fun, meta-toting oneshot. You’ll find characters prepping up for their turn to shine in the waiting room xp

Always trust in funny friendship/team-bonding sketches in melonbar’s fics. I love how some of her funniest characters are also the “darkest,” cynical ones in their groups of friends.

*can also be found in the library

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