How to access old/broken links to fic sites

harphe (Julie) asked:

What I’ve been wondering is… en noire, the sofa… I remember all of those sites! [i feel old] Are they all closed down or are the links still working (I don’t even remember the urls) because I’d love to revisit them if they are. I doubt it tho. It’s been so long! TT_TT

 A lot of the screen caps and FFL fics/fics in the library were taken with the help of the Internet Wayback Machine.

When you go to the main page, you’ll see a search box where you can type/c&p a URL to a site you’d like to visit. After entering a URL, you’ll get to a portal that has multiple years listed (for all the years that were archived). Click on any date/year to see what’s been archived from that time. **Not all links work, but it’s best to keep digging through files/reference links if you want to find something specifically. I’ve recovered things I thought I’d never see again so you never know ^^;;;

Some links to help start you off:


The Sofa

en noire


Soompi fanfix



**A lot of these sites had multiple URLs but these are/were their main ones —> You can find old/new links of FFL boards on some of their pages ^^

Hope that helps (:

— Side note: Read Julie’s fan on the street interview here.

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