Name: Katrina
DOB: 03/20/xxxx
Contact information: asteroid.miniscule[AT]
Online aliases: skyvory, meirenyu, icekachang, aironmelody…and the list goes on~
Forums most frequented: soompi, BM, V your legs
Completed fics: A Singer, A Mobster, Tangerine Songs from the Angel’s Cradle, Porcelain Notes, Little Love Songs, Mary’s Land,
Current fics: I Like You Only On Rainy Days
Additional information: I like making inanimate objects sentient. I don’t think I have a particular writing style except for making objects talk, so to speak. I’m not sure what about them fascinates me but give me a door or coffee cup and I’d totally write about them! Also, when I write there must always be music. Usually when I write one shots, for every one shot, I’d listen to one song on loop until I finish that.

fancracked: Hello Katrina! Can you give us a short introduction about yourself?
katrina: Hello, I’m ancient. Haha. Okay, seriously now, my name’s Katrina. I love coffee ideas but I can’t drink coffee. I’m forever thirteen years old and a fangirl :). Recently, I’ve fallen in love with this boy and instead of telling my friends directly what lead to that, I wrote a one shot of it as any writing person would haha. I ‘one shot’ my life, that’s how much I love writing ^^

fancracked: You’ve been around for quite a while now — Could you tell us about how you got into kpop and kpop fics?
katrina: KangTa’s the culprit. He started it. I was just a naive college girl then and I found his Late Summer Night. The rest is history.
As for kpop fics, KangTa’s still the culprit, wow. There was this wonderful fic that made me cry for six hours straight and I’m sure a lot of kpop fics readers out there would know about it – Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake. I remember just wanting to smell guys wearing Issey Miyake because of it LOL.

fancracked: I know you mainly as a writer, but I’m wondering if you have any favorite fics/fic writers?
katrina: I have a lot! The fic that sits atop as my most loved would have to be The Taguchi Method of Falling in Love by Sylvia. It is amazing! Every time I read this, I get insanely happy. There’s also works by peroxide-fic that I absolutely adore – most of them about NEWS :) I also fell in love with Tulips Covered in Snow. Sadly it remains unfinished :(

Seriously, they’re too many to mention haha. Sometimes I even read fics at work, which makes it quite difficult as I’m usually too invested in them that I react unexpectedly x:

fancracked: What are your favorite fics that you’ve written?
katrina: I have a huge bias for Mary’s Land and Way to Aether so I’ll talk about them. Actually, both of them are about girls who love to paint. And boys who discover places. Now that I think about it, they’re pretty much the same in theme – finding a secret place and hiding there with the one you love. Also, they’re my favorite titles cause they talk about places that are like your own personal dreamland.
fancracked: There’s something whimsical about your fics to me… even the ones that sound most realistic. Maybe the simple/obvious reason to that is that you are a fairieeee. :P j/k — Anywho, where does the “magic” come from? (as silly as that may sound ^^;;)
katrina: I am a fairee~ just kidding :)

I think the whimsy comes from being a natural dreamer? Or I guess it’s all the fluff. I am a lover of fluff and all sorts of romanticism. I don’t know how to explain where the whimsy comes from haha. I’m always in love? Maybe it’s that. Because I seek love all the time? It’s my imagination, I tell you. There are too many unicorns and rainbows living inside my head XD

fancracked: You’ve featured a range of gasoos through time — I’m wondering who’re your favorite muses and how they inspire you (:
katrina: It’s Kim Hee Chul hahahaha. For the gasoo part at least. I don’t know what it is about Kim Hee Chul. He’s just so write-able? Is that even a word? LOL But what I mean is that his character is so colorful that you’d want that dash of color in your stories and no matter how you use that color, it’s still distinctly his.

I have a non-gasoo muse who’s an expert in inspiring me. I can’t name her but let’s just say that she’s the ‘girl of images’ in Way to Aether. Oftentimes, she would send me songs and tell me stories and show me images and I just want to turn them all into stories. I’ve written a number of one shots because of her <3
fancracked: I’m super surprised you said Heechul was your favorite muse O: I thought you’d say Hyesung/Junsu to be honest ^^;; You must tell us where you’ve been posting your Heechul fics! I think the last place I’ve seen you post was Soompi/ficaholics (aside from some pieces on LJ).
katrina: Uh…hahaha. The Heechul fics (they’re a couple of one shots) were posted at sjworld, I believe (a long time ago, this is). But the most recent one I’ve written with him in mind was Home Tree. I don’t really post in forums anymore. And though I’d love to get reader feedback, right now I’m just happy that my stories have a new home where people might find them :)

fancracked: Did moving from one fandom “world” — Korean to Japanese — change the way you approached your muses/writing in anyway? :P How about changing your thoughts about fandom in total?~~
katrina: My fandom attitude in general didn’t really change even with the move haha. I think it’s my experiences that change how I view fandom in general. I am of course, forever thirteen years old and a fangirl. And someone did say that if I took all the love I have across all my fandoms and put it in just one person, that’s when I’ll find that I’m in love. But recently, I found out that love expands. The love I have for fandom is not something I can just take away from fandom and put into a person. Because that love is already there for fandom. And I don’t want to give love I already have for another to the person I love, because essentially, that’s a different kind of love, isn’t it? So fandom has taught me that love expands, and even if I’m into fandom, some rare person out there will understand this part of me. Also, you don’t give and take away, rather, when you’ve found someone, your heart starts to grow a unique and exclusive kind of love just for that special person so that only that person will ever have it.

To make the long story short, our hearts are big enough so just love, love love~

fancracked: You’ve written a lot of fics, so I’m wondering what sorts of sentiments you have for each one/if there are special stories and/or meanings each one has. ^^;;
katrina: Basically, I write fics because I don’t want to forget. Let’s say, one day I was walking around the neighborhood and I saw a pretty flower that I’ve never seen before. And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see that flower tomorrow. I have to remind myself somehow what it felt like seeing that flower so that if it’s gone the following day, I’d still remember my experience of it. And then I write. Each story has a pretty flower within them that will always be home and whenever I read them, I remember all those pretty flowers I passed by ^^

fancracked: I know it’s hard to answer this question because each character has his/her own meaning in your life, but do you have any favorites that you’ve written? ^^;;
katrina: The most memorable one would have to be Jiexin from Little Love Songs. She was such a joy to write! And I loved that she was a songwriter and totally dedicated to music.

The most difficult to write was Philip from Mary’s Land because I totally didn’t think of his back story while writing that. I only really thought of Rie and while I was writing, I felt that I’ve made him a plot device. Also, I was under a self-imposed deadline to write the fic so I didn’t really get the chance to dwell on his character so much. But I guess in a way, it worked since after writing I felt that he sounded quite mysterious.

The one who would cheer me up is Tatsu from ILOORD just because I’m a sadist and I love to read about all of his sufferings hehe

fancracked: Through time I’ve noticed how many of your characters have an artistic side to them. Is it because of the “non-gasoo” muse you mentioned earlier? ^^;;
katrina: Not necessarily. I think it’s because I’m attracted to artists? Not in the romantic way. It must be my lack of artistic talent! I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw or paint but I just don’t have ‘it’ haha. So maybe writing about what I could have drawn or painted makes up for that lack. The non-gasoo muse inspires me a lot though because she’s also an artist and knowing her thoughts on art kind of rubbed off on me? Something to that effect.

fancracked: I remember you are a fan of Miyazaki… Do you have any other people you look up to/look to for inspiration? ^^

katrina: I have a lot. There’s Marc Chagall, Don Antonio Vivaldi, Hans Christian Andersen and of course, Antoine de Saint-Éxupery and his wife, Consuelo. Their words, images and music are usually what I hope to emulate whenever I think of stories.

fancracked: If you could live inside a “universe” that you’ve written, which would it be and why? What about other universes in general? ^^
katrina: If I could live in a universe I have written, it would be this fairy/folk tale I’ve long been wanting to finish and I would definitely assume the role of one character, the mermaid (how predictable haha). It sounds very masochistic since I’ve been writing this one with a very melancholic feel but I usually find beauty in that kind of sadness.

When it comes to another universe, I would like to be Chihiro from Spirited Away, The Little Prince’s Rose, and Istra from Till We Have Faces (because I have this special love reserved for Greek mythology). All of these characters have this struggle of facing great changes alone and they’ve all been admirable in doing so. They’re also very proud (in the positive way) and would do everything in their power to stand by their choices.
fancracked: If you could ever have a crossover fic/universe, which characters of yours would you like to have cross paths with one another? ^^
katrina: Hmmm…a crossover fic…I think the most obvious choice is Li Jiexin crossing over to Mary’s Land and meeting Rie. It would be a totally different story then, sort of Nana-ish I guess – two girls, one into music, one into images and both hurrying to make it into the world of arts. Well, Rie somewhat has a music streak so I guess the music angle will work perfectly too haha. I’m just really so into visual and aural arts pairing and I find them beautiful together :)

fancracked: Has there ever been a real life situation/moment when someone/something permanently changed the way you approached writing/thinking about writing?
katrina: There is someone I constantly have conversations with when it comes to writing and I think a big chunk of how I approach writing is taken from these conversations. But when it comes to what I would like to believe as my signature of personifying usually inanimate objects, I owe this to Hayao Miyazaki and Antoine de Saint-Éxupery. The universes they have created prove that there is love not only within the person but also in everything of the universes where that person lives. This showed me that however small or insignificant something seems to be, you will be able to find beauty in it.

fancracked: Before we finish this interview, I must ask… You never finished Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones — will you ever? O:
katrina: I am working on that right now :)

Though the main struggle is, I am trying to write in a way that I’ve written almost 7 years ago. And since there have been changes in the way I write, getting into that mood is proving to be a challenge. But I promised myself that it should be finished, so watch out for that :)

fancracked: Has it really been seven years since you started Ethereal? That was the first time I read your work ^^;; Time really flies, doesn’t it? Do you have any tips/thoughts on growth as a writer/creative person/etc.?
katrina: On growth as a writer. Just keep writing. If you can’t write, read and that will push you into wanting to write. Also, daydream a lot :)

On life, there are many struggles and when you feel like you’ve succeeded, sometimes you’ll find yourself beaten down again. But the secret to success is just to keep standing up. Love yourself, fight for what you want and you will get it ^^ Don’t give up on your dreams even if at present they seem really impossible. I have to tell myself this every day too so I won’t forget that I want to become a preschool teacher haha.

[On another note…] Once upon a time, I was very much in love with Le Petit Prince that when I found out it has a partner book, The Tale of the Rose, I did everything in my power to get my hands on it. After reading The Tale of the Rose, I got somewhat disillusioned because I always thought that writers would be the same as what they write. Therefore, I was so into the idea that the person who wrote Le Petit Prince was the best man in the world. After some time, I realized, what was I thinking?! Of course most stories would have part truths and part imagination, for isn’t writing really like that? Those that you dream and those that you experience? I never doubted Antoine de Saint-Éxupery again after that. And I also realized that what The Tale of the Rose did was made Le Petit Prince more beautiful because part of what made the little prince and the rose’s love more beautiful are the flaws that made them real. The end.

fancracked: Would you like to send a message to anyone?
katrina: I’m not sure who to send messages to x: This entry might never end. So let me just say this: Dear world, thank you for proving me wrong a couple of times I wish I was wrong and showing me that love isn’t only what I can write but what I can give as well :)

fancracked: Thanks so much for doing this interview with me ^^* — Do you have any last words?
katrina: Fics and writing are probably the gateway to a person’s dreams. So the more you write and the more you read, the more dreams you share with and live in :)

Thank you for interviewing me :) It’s such an honor seeing I’m not even a prolific fic writer. I enjoyed the questions lots ^^

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