Something that has always impressed me about the fic world is the devotion readers have towards reading certain fics/certain writers’ works, through shout outs in their signatures, recommendations, comments, etc.

The first major group of fic-fans that I encountered was the Amaranth Clan…

The AC gang banded together after Amaranth (Moe) started posting Bartender and the Beast in summer of 2004. They had their own clan thread back when Soompi used to have a clan section. (Most clans were like Soompi’s official fan clubs you see nowadays, though they expanded beyond the kpop world as well.)

creds to sSsquishy

Aside from the usual reader appreciation banners and group chats, the AC gang also put up a facebook group page years ago. I won’t be linking it here, but you can find it via google if you are interested in joining. ^^v

This is a relatively short post, but I just wanted to share a quick snapshot/leave a comment about the fierce and avid support fic-fans have had over the years…¬†I hope the essence of this loyalty and devotion will always be part of the backbone of the fic world. (:

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