Name: Vicky
DOB: 9.16
Contact information: serah.chunsa[AT]
Online aliases: miss_vicky, chaoticdreamz, aznsaranghae, aznsao9, melonxcrunky, bananaxdumpling, vanillakremefrosting, midnightxfantasy, charmxcheer, misstarolove, vickyxmelonlove, and kythestar (lol yes i have a lot)
Forums most frequented: soompi,, royalgna, x-fivestar, etc etc… ^^”
Completed fics: Run Away With Me is my only short story, the rest are one shots: What I Need, Secret Santa, Today & Tomorrow, Always There, This Must Be A Dream, and Realized (all can be found at soompi)
Current fics: Lemon Trails of Strawberry Starburst (on hold), a 3-shot: Her His Their Winter Love Story (on hold), and Fame As A Solution (on hold+co-joint)… others haven’t really been posted yet. ^^”
Additional information: I’m a lazy person sometimes, and sometimes I can role play out my stories from beginning to end, writing and imagining it all in my head, but once I finish it in my thoughts, the story itself just doesn’t want to come down on paper or document and complete itself to be share with everyone. Also, I just usually write about male celebrities being featured in my stories with fictional girls, because I like it like that, and just don’t want to add in a famous girl, unless she’s a side character. My writing sucks sometimes, because I just let your imagination imagine it and don’t put in a lot of details. Or I lack areas where I make everybody kind of like everyone and some of it is kind of predictible, because I myself, don’t like complicated things, because they frustrate me, but I’m slowing learning and still trying to improve. C:

FICS: Rebirth (soompi), Irresistible Scent (xfs), Ice Kiss* (soompi), That PINK-Haired Boy (xfs)
WRITERS: cubierock11 (soompi), vanivanilla (xfs), ellarina (soompi), Mir_Mira (xfs)
CHARACTERS: fictional (cubierock11), X-5 (vaniavanilla), fictional (ellarina), Out of Characters (Mir_Mira)
MOMENTS: Rebirth: the whole past and present of the many lives that Renelle (main girl) goes through and how everything ties up to the destiny that has already been laid out for us, but how we get there, depends on our own. Irresistible Scent: the boys of X-5 have a secret that they need to keep from the media, and the new trainee girl who has joined their company. What’s worst is she’s the little sister of one of the members of X-5, so her being close by, as it doesn’t help out that one particular member in X-5 to resist what smells so irresistible to him, her blood. Ice Kiss*: this one, it’s a one shot, but it’s a really good one shot that I just find very interesting and I always remember it. It’s just one of those stories that you love and can probably relate to it, or at least wanna take that chance at something. That PINK-Haired Boy: it has the whole gang thing going on, but there’s also some romance and comedy in it, and honestly, it’s light, dark, and confusing here and there, and just a great read. Plus, it has Evan (HIT-5) as Hansuk and Sulhu (X-5) as Ryu as some really interesting characters written in the story. Honestly, it really has a lot of stuff in one and you just enjoy it.
ETC.: Rebirth goes really in to depth about things, and so you’re given a lot of information to consume and try to figure out all the twist and turns that happens in this story, and it does a pretty darn good job of keeping you in suspense and left wondering WTF was that. lol Irresistible Scent, it’s an interesting story, as it’s a Vampire story, but it’s not your typical romance kind of story, well to me it doesn’t seem that way, but it draws you in, and makes you love the guy who has this secret to keep. Ice Kiss*, you just need to read it to have your own opinion, I can’t really say much for you to read it or not, you actually yourself has to do that and find out if it makes you like it. That PINK-Haired Boy, Evan is just somehow made to seem totally hot, as well as Sulhu, even though they don’t have their names in the story, but different names, but kind of based off of them, it makes the story really interesting, plus with the main girl, she just adds the fun into it all. lol

I’d like to dedicate this song Still Believe In Love by Jenny Hyun to Aaron Hanyoung Lee (FMent Trainee & ft. Realized) because I still believe and that everything will be all right, it’s life, and we’ll go on living it and get that chance again and live with it, even if it’s not to the extent of the lyrics, lol.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be Hansuk from That PINK-Haired Boy because he’s just hot sounding, totally interesting, and he has PINK hair.
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be Cinderella_X_Royalty (at soompi) because it was one of the first completed stories that I’ve read and completely enjoyed it, despite it having a similar story to Cinderella (of course), but it was still different, and it’s still in my memories and something I can recall and re-read over and over again.
I <3 fics because it’s a world of imagination and just something to pass time, escape to, or just imagine yourself as the characters and maybe pretending to see things differently.

For those who are still writing stories, or poetry, or whatever, keep it up. Whether or not you “suck,” or if anyone reads it, or if you kind of abandoned it, but returned, or it helps you to release out all the ideas flowing in your head, just keep it up. It’s not easy, and honestly, writing besides talking, is another way to share some magic into the lives of other people. No matter what, let a story be written. You’re the one that can help in writing a story that may change someone’s else life. C:


  1. ahh, thank you! but i see mistakes i’ve made. -___- will you be able to edit it? ^^” it’s during the FAVORITE paragraph and in the WRITERS section, the second name, vaniavanilla into vanivanilla and the fourth name (That PINK-Haired Boy), into Mir_Mira, please. as well in the CHARACTERS section of the same paragraph, just the capitalization of Mir_Mira, sorry for the trouble. ^^”

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