SNAPSHOT: in*dreams, the sofa, …

Here are a few more snapshots of fic communities through the years.

These are just a few of the many that used to be around ^^~


a fanfic e-zine most active from 2003 thru 2005

a sample of its library (2003)
main page (2004)
in*dreams forum section

Later on, ficaholics also implemented e-zine esque elements into its community as well, though its forum sections and projects were more based on commentary (compared to in*dreams’ greater focus on featuring writers’ works).

ficaholics’ bookclub/writer’s block “e-zine”/newsletter sections in the later 2000s

 the sofa

a fic library/collection site active from 2003 thru 2005, partnered with the FFL.

main page/portal (2002)
FTTS section portal (2002)
HOT section portal (2002)
Sechskies section portal (2002)
Shinhwa section portal (2002)
Multi Gasoo section portal (2002)
TF – A Doll’s Dream posted on The Sofa (2002)
main page (2005)

Due to server expiration dates, any pictures that used to be up
no longer exist, but here is the general “skeleton” of the layout.

links/affiliates page
The Flower Series by dilbangee posted on The Sofa (2005)
library list (2005)

kpopper & kpop2

these two sites were more music-based than fanfic based

but they also had fanfic sections

kpopper fic section (2005)
kpop2 main page fic section (2004)

Dreamin’ of HOT

mainly an HOT fan site but here’s a look at its old fic page

dreamin’ of HOT fics page (1999/2000)


a fic hang out for the “reply whores,” as mentioned by Moley 

Addition/Reply Whores (2003/2004)

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