Soompi, livejournal, tumblr, and sites like Allkpop have taken over the international English speaking kpop fandom landscape. From 2001-2007, Solid07 was also a key player in the field. It was a general kpop forum with a major fic section as well. Though the site’s main portal/page is still up, the forums/usual main page content is no longer up. Like Soompi, Solid had a few crashes/server changes throughout the years so it’s hard to backtrack and find old footprints. Nonetheless, here are a few caps of what the main site and the forums looked like through the years.

main page, 2001
forums, 2003
main site, 2004
forums, 2005
forums, 2006

As a side note, I used to love listening to Solid’s radio so I thought I’d put this up ^^v

One of the things that you could find on Solid compared to the likes of say Soompi were lemon fics. Let’s just say my very young and innocent self found out the hard way ^^;;v Seeing a reprise of interest in NC-17/risque fics (outside of LJ) on sites like AFF brings back memories of Solid in the oddest of senses to be honest. I guess I had gotten used to seeing less R+ writing on a large scale (again, outside of LJ).

I enjoyed Solid fics — many were cross-posted on Soompi, but there was something about the atmosphere on Solid that made it seem grittier to me (compared to Soompi’s atmosphere, which felt a lot lighter in comparison back in the day). Of course, this is just my opinion among the “masses” :P

One thing I loved about Solid was its download section, which was amazing back then. It introduced not just kpop music to me, but a lot of other music (i.e. Jay Chou). Now that licensing has become an even more pressing matter, it’d be hard for such a large forum/site to keep its downloads up without getting in trouble (that was precisely the reason why Soompi’s download section also went down some time around 04-05 as well). If you can imagine a world without clubbox,, youtube, and the likes… that was what it was like back then. Solid’s download section was a great haven because it had so many links to so much multimedia. I know this isn’t fic related, but I find it very hard to talk about Solid without bringing up its musical aspect. — I also enjoyed visiting bww2 back in the day as well ^^v

Anywho, I’ve gone off on a tangent so I’ll stop here. (: Look forward to other snapshots ft. CGI boards, the WA, etc.

6 thoughts on “SNAPSHOT: Solid07

  1. I remember Solid and seeing fics from there and Soompi. I was on it but never a frequent visitor. Ah, I kind of miss it some of these days.

  2. Wow, this is a trip down memory lane. Solid07 was a huge part of my online college life. (I was on Soompi, too, but not as extensively.) For a couple years, a lot of people knew me for sharing music and videos in the downloads section of the forum. I went by a few different names, most notably “mastavic” and “^^ \o/ Rock On!”. I was also involved in SolidRadio and was one of the “DJs” there (it’s so silly, I know).

    I actually have all of my private messages from Solid07 saved, and this page makes me want to reread them so I can reminisce a bit! It’d be fun to communicate with some of those people from way back then (I do have two of them as Facebook friends still!).

    1. Oh! I just remembered I was also one of the founding members and writers of Scope, which was Solid07’s official writing site, which included album reviews written by Solid07 forum members and the Scope team.

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