**This entry will be a bit long, and it’s more personal than the rest of the posts here (aside from perhaps my recommendations), so do not feel in debt to read this entry. Nonetheless, if you’d like to hear a bit of my story/my roots, I humbly invite you to read on. ^^;;v

I remember the day my sister’s friend lent her a copy of What I Did For Love by Val. The fic had been placed in a yellow manilla folder to keep it in good condition since it was being passed from one person to the next in their group of friends. My sister retreated to her room, where I found her crying later in the day, sobbing over the sad love story. Back then, neither of us knew what a fic was, though her friends were major HOT and Shinhwa fans (since we live on the east coast, many of them had made a trip to one of the Flushing concerts back in the day; I remember one also skipped school and went to a DC concert as well–very daring girl for a 7th grader :P) I remember hearing about a “bird” named Kangta and a hottie “gangster” named Minwoo, but I didn’t care to join the older girls in their fangirly ways–I also didn’t care to take a peek at the story that had brought my sister to tears. That is, I didn’t care yet.

A year later, my best friend linked me to Soompi, telling me to go and read the stories on there. Since she didn’t specify that she meant fics, I found myself wandering into the drama section that used to be up.

I had a feeling the drama summaries that were up weren’t what she had been talking about so I clicked out of the window and reported my newb fail the next day. Though she told me I needed to go to another section, I didn’t return to Soompi until later in the year.

My re-introduction to Soompi happened through three different instances, and I can’t remember which happened first but I think it went down like this:

  • My sister’s best friend was an avid Shinhwa fan so she wrote a cracklistic oneshot featuring them and then linked us to it.
  • I finally read What I Did For Love on someone’s xanga, though I can’t remember who linked me (two of my friends both claimed they did it first, though it’s been so long, I can’t remember who did it :P The last I remember a certain chipmunk determinedly told me it was she, so I’ll say it was said chipmunk to be on the safe side.) After finishing the fic, I wanted to read more, so I did a general search through google and found Soompi’s fic section.
  • One of my friends had already been into Minwoo/Shinhwa and fics, so we spazzed a lot back in the day on AIM about them. She was quite knowledgeable since she’d been around longer than I had, so she introduced me to a lot of the fics that she loved.

I’ve already mentioned them quite a lot, but I’ll mention them once more ^^v –> the members of Shinhwa (particularly Minwoo) are the main reason why I got sucked into the kpop world. Back then, I was obsessed with Minwoo fics, and after I felt like I had finished reading all that I could find in the fic section on Soompi’s main site, I ventured into its forum section, read many fics there, and also scoped out other sites, namely the Funky Fanfics Library/The Sofa, the Writers’ Asylum, Winglin, Solid07’s fic sections, and other small fic communities and boards that faded away with time.

Breathtaking by lil_bobatea ft. Shinhwa, Boa, and FTTS

Some Minwoo/Shinhwa fics that I greatly enjoyed on Soompi’s main site were: By Heart, By Soul by kpopchild (I was quite a newb so I remember thinking “Is crybaby the same person?” when I saw her posting her fics on Solid07 further on the same summer har har har :P), TF – Dobyuk Princess translated by minusky, Memories by Rowena, Breathtaking & Wanting Her by lil_bobatea, Jaded & Habits by linkinpark, After the Rain by slvrstar, Cinderella but the glass slippers were never mine by angel_jj, Beneath His Wings by soojin, Desideratum by 4tang, Broken Doll by sleepii, Minwoo’s Daughter by iluvfany86, I’m A Bad Girl So Slap Me by lilshinhwafreak…

Other fics on Soompi’s main site featuring other gasoos that I enjoyed were: Corner of the Circle by Aramis, Playing For Him by silver, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Aramis, Glass Rose by Ji_Eunie, No Regrets by Sechskies Lover, Because I’m Beautiful by me2, The Cure to Cancer by hyekyung…

Chocolates and Rain by rowena

Fics I enjoyed on the forums from the older days: TF – One Day My Heart Told Me translated by Anti_Goora (this was my first TF back when I didn’t know what a TF was lol), TF – The Guy Holding the Flowers translated by nGk2M (I admit, I adored the pretty names of TF’s back then), TF – Extraordinary! Shin Girl translated by swtkrnbabiez, Hear My Prayer by 4tang, Bartender and the Beast & Innocent Eyes by Moe./Amaranth, Evil Cinderella by crystal t33rs, Little Gentlemen by CK (I think this was on the forums … it’s been a while so I can’t remember for sure now ^^v), Singing for Her by silver, Black Butterfly by kpopchild (I think this was the title; again, it’s been a while so I’m not 100% positive that was the title), Chocolates and Rain by rowena, Out of a Tainted World by evekisera, Eyes of Stone by sweetsnow90, A Thousand Words by prophecy, Diva With Two Voices by garden mint…

Other fics I enjoyed at the time were: Her Water Colors, My Self Portrait by SoJu [WA], I Hate Guys Like You by J K [WA], TF – Toy translated by minusky [FFL], TF – 49 Days For A Second Chance translated by minusky/strawberry crush [the story had been taken down by then… I downloaded it from somewhere but I can’t remember where], TF – Glass Slippers translated by sue [FFL – This was the first fic I ever read on FFL/The Sofa and I remember loving it to bits and rereading it a lot that summer. I’ll always love Yiruma’s From the Yellow Room CD and think back to old times while listening to it because it played on loop while I read this TF along with the rest of my Minwoo favorites that summer], Just Because by ?? [Solid 07 — if  you are the writer and you are reading this, please tell me what happened to Mop Head and Minwoo! kaka~], Read My Lips by 1tYm4mYmiNd [FFL, I think], Forbidden Fate by iadoreyooh, Voice Therapy by xerces [Soompi]…

Fishy | Kitty by JAMIE/gems

More fics:Her Wish by iadoreyooh, All That Matters & Without Sin by romelee (along with all her other works — yes, that means those 12+ fics she posted that one winter that have yet to be finished D< :P), Fishy | Kitty by JAMIE/gems,  L.O.V.E. What Are You Doing to Me? by x LynnA x3 yOu x, Sadistic Lies by sen, The Heart’s Serenade by superstarrr_mel, Schizophrenia by ??, Psych by tygrrlily, An Epitome of Simplicity by ephemeral [BM; Soompi later on], Bus 180 by azn_desire, Kachiky by strawberrii chuuu, Project Lumiere by TheGirl/butterbean, TF – Young Mother translated by jenl & Aramis… (All the fics in this tiny list were posted on Soompi).

Cliche by gemmi lee

DBSG fics I’ve enjoyed through time: My Messed Up Life by ?? [Solid 07 — this fic was one of the best DBSG crack fics that was written at the prime of their first spring/summer — though I no longer have a copy of it, I remember a lot of it, including its use of GIA clothing and modeling in case any old fans are reading this fufufu :P], Passing Days by dDalgeE [Soompi], a round robin story by many members at In:Complete, Ever After & Light of the Fireflies by winters_serenade [In:Complete], Radiant Periphery of 1000 Pianos by kim–cHi (Chi) [Soompi – this fic was hilariously funny :P still makes my sisters and me giggle!], Sister, Dear by romelee, Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake by 4tang [Soompi], Vocal Justice Entertainment by 4tang & Prophecy [BM], Butterfly by kim, Cliche by gemmi lee, Obstacles by LAELA, Dying in Beauty & Miss Valentine by J K [ficaholics; WA], Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones by ivu_no_kane [In:Complete], Forgotten by Aramis [ficaholics; Soompi], Smj– Storytime & Mipilasica by melonbar92 [ficaholics; Soompi], Lazarus by lovexglitter/ihrtprettyboys [In:Complete; Soompi], Queen of Wishful Thinking by skyelee21 [ficaholics], Test of Seas by rootless. [Soompi], Corrupted Dreams of the Teenage Schizophrenic by étoile [Soompi]…

NERD! by J K

Other fics I enjoyed in the past few years.. A Drifter’s Paradise by Thao, The Tiger & Sangmin by fatsoko, Clueless by NAI., NERD! by J K, Don’t Touch My Corn! by farorange, Origami by kna/algebra > geometry, Two Birds On A Telephone Wire by elevatormusic, TF – Coma– Honsoosangtae translated by kp4life, TF – Secret Garden translated by xgoody2shoes15x, Untitled by butterbean, Sixteen Pink Ballons by n.a.p., Cry by LiLB0o, Rewind by bhebie, Reawakening by lovexglitter/breathless., Shadow Puppet by lassie, Hades by akirasberry…

Through the years I’ve forgotten titles/the names of authors but I’ve remembered random scenes of stories that I loved as well: one featured a Minwoo who liked to dance around in his pink tanktop — there was a nosy neighbor who spied through the wall side while claiming he could read minds (I feel like this was written by Asian Rice but I might be wrong ^^v); one featured a girl who fell in love with a guy after seeing him give a homeless (?) man his jacket during a cold winter night — contrary to her initial impression of him, he was anything but sweet/warm once she spoke with him/got to know him (it may have been called Pine Tree but I’m not certain due to time); one was called I’m Sorry I’m Not Good Enough Lee Minwoo and it was posted on Soompi but I can’t remember its author; there was a Yoochun vs Yoohwan fic on Solid07 once but that’s all I can remember… Though I can’t seem to find all the pieces to the puzzle, I enjoyed each of these pieces as well (:

There are a lot of other fics I read and loved that I didn’t mention, but these are some of my favorites ^^~~~

— There you have it… a rambly recollection of fics I’ve read through time. I never thought that someday, the same story my sister read in that yellow manilla folder would lead me this far, but here I am now, a “lifetime” later, an ardent fic lover with a library of her own to share with others fufufu ^^v

Since this post is so nostalgic I thought I’d leave you with an excerpt of Shinhwa’s Time Machine again:

Time is passing, my heart is changing,
the waters and mountains are changing,
But friends are always friends.
My heart has found a refuge,
a backup place.
When you want to stop and rest along the way,
take me out so you can sit anytime and rest.
Earn your strength
as you look at me,
know that you can do it.

– translation from Aheeyah

5 thoughts on “Reflections/Recollections

  1. hello! man i remember that soompi site! ooooh life. and those other sites. i’m turning 23 soon. i’m guessing we are close to the same age? i miss those days of sitting in the office room with the door closed (pretending to study) and reading indiscriminately.
    for me, since i’m not korean, i didn’t care who the gasoo characters are. but man, your recommendations (especially the early ones…i think i got frustrated by the forums when that rolled around) really struck a chord in me. thank youuu!

  2. hello, you said that you have read tf secret garden. can you tell me the ending of it since i’ve only read up to the part when the main character leaves because of her betrayal or if you have a copy of the fic to email

    1. Hey, I don’t think the translator (xgoody2shoes15x) ever finished translating/editing her translations of the fic. Part of the initial reason why she took it down was because it was published in Korea (that was when I stopped reading it). — I think she’s still somewhat active on Soompi so you could try messaging her if you’d like to get a copy of her translations ^^

  3. Gnart Le :
    helloo, you said that you have read tf secret garden. can you tell me the ending of it since i’ve only read up to the part when the main character leaves because of her betrayal or if you have a copy of the fic to email

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