Name: Cat
DOB: April 3, 1989
Contact information:[at] /
Online aliases: hellocatty
Forums most frequented: Soompi. YGLadies, KPOPPER
Completed fics: None yet :( except for a few one-shots.
Current fics: Chubby Buddies, Sweet Sixteens, Stealing Ji Yong’s Girl, & Love’s Moist Panties. … unfortuantely all are hiatused :(
Additional information: Soompi fanfics are what really pulled me in the kpop world, but at first I didn’t even realize that it was kpop-fanfiction! Until my friend was like “Why do all these guys have the same name and traits?” Eventually we found Sechskies but it was Shinhwa that really sucked us in and inspired us to start writing fanfiction.


FICS: HIGH SCHOOL by scribbles *, anything by smitten, angelfightrJ’s Raining Sun, Miss Bouakham’s Midnight Masquerade and Between Two Worlds, anything by mariika and elevatormusic, and I-HOP 4U by the7REAL. … just to name a few xD
WRITERS: smitten, scribbles* angelfightrJ, Miss Bouakham, NONE.LIKEYOU, elevatormusic, mariika, dearskye., provocateur, Cirrus, dilbangee, lear, and kawaki.
CHARACTERS: Oh God… I can’t pick one ;-; but I have noticed that I tend to love really quirky, spunky leading females.
MOMENTS: In Extra Sprinkles Yuri ends up getting drunk one night and her ex-boyfriend Ji Yong brings her home even though there are unresolved issues between the two of them and I loved how smitten just took it down another, not as popular lane, by leaving Yuri and Ji Yong still dealing with these issues that never get solved neatly instead of having them get back together and making the ending all happy. But by the end, it still IS a happy ending anyways despite the fact that she’s still single.
Oh and in HIGH SCHOOL… the most romantic moment ever was when Kang In rushes to Bomi (in the rain~) and he offers this crazily sweet and romantic apology to her and they end up back together and it just… it literally makes me squeal and tear up ALL THE TIME.
OH! And in the7REAL.’s I-HOP4U every single moment with her main character JooRi is a cause for laughter. The shenanigans she gets herself into are not to be believed.
ETC.: At heart I truly am a hopeFUL romantic so love stories with happy endings are always my guilty pleasure. I mean, even if I understand why certain characters can’t be together it still wrenches at my heart strings. But I think that’s what I love most, stories that make me feel something and make me go out of my mind so that I’m screaming at the screen.


I’d like to dedicate this song Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars to Yuri from Extra Sprinkles because she always thinks that people think that she is crazy (which she is) but we all love her anyways.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be Yuri from Extra Sprinkles and JooRi from IHOP-4U because I think together we would have the most cracktastic time getting into all sorts of crazy shenaningans.  Also the girls from HIGH SCHOOL for some good ol fashion girl talk and Yeon Hee and the rest of the Motley Crew from my fic Chubby Buddies because it’d be a good time and then I could just marvel and maybe get some tips from Yeon Hee herself on how to deal with people xD
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be HIGH SCHOOL because it just has that perfect blend of drama, love, and friendship that would make it a great running series on television. It’s the type of story you rush home to read and find out what’s happening with the characters.

I <3 fics because they’re like novels…but free!


I wish that gasoo fics wouldn’t get such a bad rap as being somehow less intellectual than a NG fic. In the end, its still hard work and incredibly daunting putting out a story. And I definitely cannot wait for Shinhwa’s comeback so we may see a plethora of Shinhwa fics coming back!

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