Name: farorange
DOB: 15th august year N/A (keke)
Contact information: soompi’s inbox :-)
Online aliases: farorange
Forums most frequented: Soompi,,
Completed fics: One shots – Dear Mom & Yay or Nay?
Current fics: DaeSung Vs. The KingKa & At First Sight
Additional information: I’m currently a final year medical student who writes as a hobby and to unwind from the hectic school work. I love comedies and that’s why I mainly write about comedies. I feel that there are enough sad things happening in the world. I hope to reach out to the general audience and make people smile with my writings. My favourite fics are all rom-coms. keke. I love Big Bang, 2ne1 and SuJu. My favourite quote in life is: Don’t do onto others what you don’t want others to do onto you.

FICS: The Bum Who Fell Into a Pothole by LiLsHiNhWaFrEaK and My PingPongBoy by Moe
CHARACTERS: Bum  (JongHyuk) in the bum who fell into a pothole. I like it that he’s so protective over her but didn’t really show it to Won Young. and the fact that he’s actually rich but acting like a hobo just make me fall for the character even more. I wish all men real life are like him. aish…
MOMENTS: I think the scene where Bum shouted “I Love You” on the scary ride in The Bum Who Fell Into a Pothole is the epitome of romantic!! keke. And when he says “Stupid, it’s yours” in the end–> epic moment in fanfic history. keke.
ETC: I love female leads who have a strong character but kinda dorky as well. And I love it when the leads bicker in the beginning of the story.

I’d like to dedicate this song Heaven (Big Bang) to Farah and sally (my besties) because they are the ones who are always supportive of my fanfic-writing, who believed in me from the beginning, who always encourage me and who I think are reading my stories on Soompi to support me.
I’d like to dedicate this song Tonight to my ardent readers GD_Is_Luv and Ena_Dae for their continuous support even when no one else is reading my story.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be SuRi from Sweetest Seduction because I think she’s hilarious, SooJin from At First Sight because I wanna slap some sense into her, WonYoung from The Bum Who Fell into A Pothole because I want to tell her how lucky she is and JangHyuk from More Than Amazing because I wanna see whether he has a heart or not. keke.
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be The Bum Who Fell Into A Pothole (I really love this fic) because I’m sure it’ll be a major hit and I wanna see their love life being projected on TV/screen.
I <3 fics because anything is possible in the fanfic world. It’s sorta like a place for me to be in a world of never-ending possibilities.

I want to give a shout out to my two best friends whom I know (suspect) are reading my stories. Thanks for your never-ending support. To my ardent readers, GD_Is_LUV and Ena_Dae, thanks so much for your faith in me even though I’m just a newbie writer. To maakopla and lullabunny, thanks for being there for me. And to all my other readers, thank you so much for your kindness :-). I hope that I can bring laughter and happiness to your lives with my stories.

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