[Order 1] Coffee to sip to…

A new prompt for the Inspire Me category: Coffee to sip to, based on the notion that we “sip” ideas/inspiration as we go through life.

Send in a “coffee bean of inspiration” via e-mail (timevaulted[AT]gmail.com). –> Attach a piece of multimedia OR quote a line/excerpt from a person/book that you find inspiring. :)

*This activity is not limited to gasoos/fandom ^^

**Feel free to add captions/explanations (i.e. for the morbid taste buds; for the happy taste buds; *insert some witty line here*).

***You can also submit by using the ask page on tumblr.

Edit: Someone asked me if they could send in youtube clips/etc. That’s fine ^^


for the dried up dreamer

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