Name: Der Lor
DOB:  August 24, 1995
Contact information: derlr[AT]
Online aliases: d_er-01
Forums most frequented: Soompi’s Fanfix & Store Threads
Completed fics: N/A
Current fics: N/A
Additional information: I love reading stories with detailed actions, suspense, etc. I love getting hyped up while reading, in other words, I love to imagine <3
For Gasoos stories, I love reading stories that features Big Bang in them, but I become quite picky with them. It can’t be too “corny” for me; I can’t handle myself when I read them. =P

Yes, I’m still in my teens, but I feel like my obsession for fanfix will never get old. I’ve been reading them for over some years now [I never got the chance to sign up for Soompi when I was exposed to fanfix about years before I signed up].

FICS: Welcome to the Underworld, Keys Before My Eyes, The Summer House, & some other bunches.
WRITERS: Con.template, Thao, Moe
CHARACTERS: Choi Yoori & Kwon TaeHyun, Song & Eun Hae, Yoo Jae Sung & Choi SooYoung
– “No one said finding Paris would be easy; they only said it would be worth it.” -WTTU
– “Love is inconstant and unpredictable. It could either fade away into nothingness, or soar above the skies. We never stopped at any height and point; our point was a illimitable, and so.. we’ll go forever and beyond.” -KBME
– “There are rules when you’re alive. There are rules when you’re dead. Go Figure.” -TSH
ETC.:  These stories has definitely left me with a wider heart. It influenced me into searching for a stronger and deeper love story & maybe to find myself one in the future. Not only in such stories, but it definitely has changed my style of writing from when I was in middle school till now; it made me realize which style of writing I love.


I’d like to dedicate this song Rie Tanaka – Fields of Hope to Con.template, Thao, AND Moe and their stories because this ONE song was actually playing while I was reading the stories. It somehow connects the stories to me, actually. From WTTU’s fighting and emotional times, to KBME’s sad, silly, and romantic times, to TSH’s sad and emo times [that I actually really loved]. Not that I tend to have tastes for slow songs when I read, but it’s just that the song sorts of “hugs every corner and curve” the stories have.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be Song from Keys Before My Eyes because I think it’s cute how he came back to find her though years has passed from when they were little till adulthood; it showed how loyal he is as a man and that he will keep his word
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be The Summer House because it’s actually something I wouldn’t mind seeing. I’m not so much into action movies, especially when it’s based on a written story. [Sometimes, the actions can’t match up to how it’s described.] But for The Summer House, it definitely can do. (“It’s due-able!”) >..<
I <3 fics because it’s the only thing that can go through my head fully without me having to re-read it over and over again. Also, it’s healthy for my brain! I haven’t been imagining enough these days! I feel like the works I’ve gone through this whole year in school has dried up my brain.

Hmm, not much to shout out, but I’d like to see Thao back onto updating A Drifter’s Paradise. I don’t want to rush her if she’s busy, but just wanted to let her know that I’m still waiting. To Con, I’m loving the updates on her current story, An Eternity Of Eclipse!

Other than that (of what I can really think of right now), I’d like to just simply thank all the writers in the Fanfix forums! Without the stories and their writers, I don’t think I would have NEVER been introduced to Soompi!  Though I can’t read all of the stories posted on Soompi, I HIGHLY suggest that once you start writing, never give up! [Don’t be like me! T_T]

Soompi, HWAITING! <3

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