Name: Lynda Le
DOB: Apr 5 1990
Contact information: Soompi forum Inbox
Online aliases: vietgirl604
Forums most frequented: Soompi, ficaholics, ..and a few more I can’t remember (It’s been too long.)
Completed fics: All It Takes, <3 Triangle, The Two Faced Boy, Her Story in the Making, Little Vietnamese Girl
Current fics: My Boy Toys, Just Another Girl
Additional information:  I’m one of the nicest people ever, no joke. :) I’m also a super neat and clean freak.

fancracked: Hey vietgirl604, thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me ^^; As a general starter, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
vietgirl604: My name is Lynda and I’m currently 21 years of age.  I live in Vancouver, BC (note the 604).  I’ve just finished school for nursing and received my Practical Nursing Diploma.  I have three sisters and no brothers.  I’m very hard working when it comes to work, but when it comes to my health, fitness and well-being, I am very, very lazy.

fancracked: Feels like you’ve always been a familiar “face” in the fic section. Could you tell us how you got into kpop/kpop fics? ^^
vietgirl604: Back when I was in grade 9, in 2004, I read my first fanfic, What I Did For Love by Val.  I was introduced to it by a friend and after reading it, I was hooked.  It was back on the old Soompi website that no longer exists.  After that fanfic, I read tons more.  I used to keep count and had a document that included every fic I’ve read with title, author and a link, alphabetized. I’ve lost that list when my laptop died (along with all my fanfic docs.) I remember the number was 260+.  After some time, I found the forum and started reading there.  I then became aware that these stories were written by normal people so I started to write one.  That’s how All It Takes started.
fancracked: 260+ fics! I’m assuming that number’s risen by now ^^; Do you have any favorite fics and/or fic writers you’ve followed through the years?

vietgirl604: It’s probably 300+ by now but I don’t keep track anymore so I’m not 100% sure.  I have many favorite writers on Soompi.  I really enjoy the work of Solangel, kpopchild, Moe and anika. (This is in no particular order).  I enjoy every single piece that they’ve written and you can tell that they put a lot of thought and effort into their stories.

fancracked: You’ve written quite a few fics — do you have any favorites?
vietgirl604: My favorite fanfic of mine would have to be All It Takes.  There’s no special reason other than that it is my first.  I have a lot of fics because I was only 15 at the time I started writing.  I had a lot of energy, time and imagination.  Only one of my fics actually have any meaning to it and that would be Her Story in the Making.  It is a short story based on my life, actually.  I changed it up a bit and created an ending to it that I imagined at the time.  Other than that, my stories are just plain fictional and made up from my imagination.

fancracked:  Anna asked the following question: What inspired you to write?

vietgirl604: My inspiration to write came from the feelings I felt when I read fanfics written by other authors.  There were many that made me laugh, cry and even bawl my eyes out.  I loved the effect they had on me and wanted to write and have that effect on others.  When people comment and reply to my fanfics, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, with negative or positive feedback.

fancracked: Also from Anna: Who encouraged you to publish your fanfics online?

vietgirl604: When I was 15 and started writing, I pretty much wrote for fun so that my sisters and cousin could read it.  They liked it and encouraged me to start posting it up and I did.

fancracked: You’ve featured multiple gasoos in your fics (i.e. Shinhwa & DBSG). Do you have a favorite muse? ^^

vietgirl604: Shinhwa will always be my all time favorite band! I’ve loved them first and will love them last.  DBSG I was more infatuated with because after some time, it didn’t stick.  I’m really glad I got a good fanfic out of my infatuation phase with them.

creds to m1sz_x_p1ggy (fic: Just Another Girl by vietgirl604)

fancracked: Do you have any favorite characters/memorable characters that you’ve written?

vietgirl604: Like all of my readers, it’s very hard to decide between MinWoo and Eric in my fanfic of Just Another Girl.  I’ve written them both very different but to me, they’re equally effective in being..charming.  The readers who have read all of my stories can really tell that those two are the ones I’m really in love with.  It also doesn’t take a genius to figure out that MinWoo has my heart.  MinWoo is also my favorite and first kpop love!

[More about Shinhwa] Mmm..I think during the time I started reading fanfics, Shinhwa wasn’t as big as they probably were before I started reading.  When I started writing about them, I found it a little harder to catch attention because a lot of the readers were interested in the newer and younger groups.  I’ve read way too many fanfics that star Shinhwa with MinWoo as the male lead, but any fanfic with him as the male lead with a great plot and awesome grammar, I will love.

fancracked: Just curious — a lot of your fics have gang/mafia-related content. Who’s your favorite gangster that you’ve written :P

vietgirl604: My favorite would have to be Eric in Just Another Girl.  I like him best because he’s bad, but you love him because he’s also so cool.  Also, the things that he does is believable.  I know its fiction but a lot of the time, things are just..TOO fictional, if I make any sense.  I feel like a lot of my previous characters are that way sometimes as well.  Funny thing is I hate violence, tension and anything that disrupts peace, but apparently I seem to like writing about it.

fancracked: Reading through Just Another Girl, I have to ask… will there ever be justice for Bomee? It seems like she’s been sexually harassed and molested a lot, yet “the monster” hasn’t been apprehended >_< and the latest developments leave me worried with what’s to come. I know you can’t give away the ending, but I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on her situation and on how to treat “sensitive topics” as a writer. ^^;; ~~

vietgirl604:There isn’t much I can tell you, but I have the whole story all in my head and it just needs to get into words.  There will be two parts to JAG and part 1 is about to end in a few chapters or so.  As for sensitive topics..I honestly don’t know.  I just write what I see on the news, read about or hear about.  I write in hopes that I don’t offend anyone but at the same time, I want people to know that things like these happen..they’re not just fictional.  My thoughts on her situation: I absolutely hate it.  I’m all about world peace (although I’ve been laughed at and told it would never happen), so it really bugs me when there is something bad going on or a conflict of any kind.

fancracked: From time to time, writers will lift real life experiences, feelings, and/or observations and put them into their writing, but that’s different from basing a whole story off of continuous real life events/”storylines” like you did in Her Story in the Making… I guess this is more of a comment than a question, but I think it’s brave of you to have written and shared it, though I’m assuming there are other reasons why you chose to write and share (than to be “brave” ^^;;).

vietgirl604: The great thing about writing online is that no one knows who you are.  You can write about anything you want and no one will really judge you.  The main reason I wrote that story was to get everything off my chest at the time.  My best friend knew exactly what I went through and I actually let her read that story, I was also a little shy about it, but she understood how I felt so it just helped to lift some weight off my shoulders.  As for planting seeds of truth from life experiences, etc, what I do when I write is imagine myself as the main character.  All of my female leads are pretty similar. They are pretty much me with no boundaries or anything holding them back.  I write their actions by what I want to do at every moment in the story.

fancracked: Thinking back on Her Story in the Making, it’s quite bittersweet in a way… like an intense shot of bittersweetness. Not everyone can build up bittersweet stories like so ~~ Do you have any tips? ^^;

vietgirl604: Honestly, I have no tip.  It was based on a true story so I pretty much wrote about the events that happened using words I felt best described how I felt at each moment.  The only added some extra scenes or conversations of course to make the story more enticing, and the ending was completely made up as I am only 21 and have not had my happy ending yet!

fancracked: What are the hardest/easiest/funnest parts of writing?

vietgirl604: The easiest part of writing is having the idea all in your head.  The hardest part I find is to put it into words.  My two incomplete fanfics I’ve had planned in my head years ago and it’s still all in there but when I sit down and try to write, nothing comes out.  It’s crazy because when I was younger and in high school, I would just sit in front of my laptop, place my keys on the keyboard and the words seemed to just flow out at the tip of my fingers.  The best/most fun part about writing is when I receive people’s feedback and know I’ve conquered my goal: to make my readers feel the way I feel when I read a great fanfic.

fancracked: (Please fill in the blank) I <3 fics because ___.

vietgirl604: I <3 fanfics because it’s written by normal, anonymous people. Also, because it helped me enjoy reading and writing.

Random blurb: When I was 15, I did not know that fanfic = fan, fiction.  (Stupid, I know.) So, I did not know that Shinhwa was a real band and the character I loved, MinWoo, was real! I forgot how long it took for me to realize it and google them..and my love for them started from there.

fancracked: On the topic of Shinhwa/music again, do you have any favorite songs to listen to while writing? Did you have any favorites while writing older fics?

vietgirl604: While writing, I usually listen to any kind of music.  Back then, it was mostly Shinhwa music since I was crazy in love with them.  For really sad scenes, I tried to put on slow jams or really sad music to help me get into the mood.  I would sit there and write and read my work at the same time, and if it made me tear up, it was good. If it didn’t, I tried to make it more effective.  I wanted to make the readers cry!

fancracked: What helped found your love for storytelling as a reader and as a writer? ^^

vietgirl604: There isn’t really a root for how my writing started.  It was just after reading so many great stories, I wanted to be one of those authors that everyone loved and talked about.  I’m one of those people that like to be liked, and in a way, it was kind of like a competition.  I’m also a very competitive person.

fancracked: Our tastes as writers and readers change through time (sometimes at varying speeds as well between our writing/reading halves ne ~). What sorts of stories or things in general were you into at different points in your life? How has that changed/influenced you as a creative person/as a person in general (if it has).

vietgirl604: I’m a really easy to please person, so I like everything.  I could read almost any fanfic as long as there is good grammar.  As for knowledge influencing my writing, it does.  I try to put little things that I know in there that could help make the story different from others or more interesting.

fancracked: Have you ever had an interesting “episode” of writing/plotting euphoria? ^^;;

vietgirl604: I do think of random ideas when I’m out with friends, see something interesting or even when I’m in bed trying to sleep.  I usually either jot the idea down on my phone or start writing.  There are a few times where I told myself that I’ll get back to it, but then I end up forgetting about it and losing the idea altogether. I’m also a very, very forgetful person.

fancracked: Before we end this interview I have to ask this on behalf of your readers ^^;;; It’s been a while since you’ve updated your stories, so I’m wondering if you could give us a “status update” on your stories ^^;;v

vietgirl604: It has been a long, long time since I’ve updated. I believe I stopped updating since I graduated high school and life has been so hectic. I apologize to all my readers for this because as a reader myself, I know how annoying it is..but of course we all understand.  It sucks to be left off of a story for such a long period of time.  I have been on Soompi a lot more now that I’m doing this interview so hopefully, I will be able to update soon.  I’ve had the next chapter for JAG half written for the past three years.  I stopped because I couldn’t find the words to write anymore. I think I’ve lost my touch! That, or writer’s block.  I believe if I can get this next chapter out, I’ll be able to write smoothly again.

fancracked: Would you like to leave a message to anyone?

vietgirl604: To all my readers: Thank you for reading my stories and following me through the years.  I really, really appreciate it.  There is nothing like the feeling of someone enjoying your work, and I thank you guys for leaving comments that leave me feeling giddy inside.  I promise to try posting as soon as I can.  XOXO.

fancracked:  Any last thoughts that you’d like to share?

vietgirl604: I think fanfics are amazing, and Soompi as well. The idea of giving writers a place to share their thoughts and ideas, and bringing in teens (as I was just 15) in and helping them realize they have talent. Before Soompi, I believed that I had no talent and I absolutely hated reading and writing. Now, I love it and realize that writing isn’t just common sense, it is a talent. It may not be a talent you are born with but more of one you can develop, which is even better. Anyone can do it if they put their mind into it. I hope that every reader and writer on Soompi knows this.

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