REC: DON’T TOUCH MY CORN! by farorange

If you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, I recommend reading Don’t Touch My Corn by farorange. It’s a fun read that’ll leave you smiling and laughing to yourself.

You have your usual suspects for the humorous high school kingka versus common girl setup: a hot but 4D Choi Seunghyun and an exasperated “just want to live a quiet life (eating and selling corn)” Park Bom who has to deal with said hot 4D kingka.

When I was younger, I always thought comedies were easier to write compared to tragedies and the rest of the lot, but as time went by, I came to realize how hard it is to develop effective comedic timing, chemistry between characters, and good rapport during funny arguments (among other characteristics commonly found in comedies). You can find these in Don’t Touch My Corn as Bom tries to reason with an ever so hard to understand Seunghyun (one moment he’s pursuing her for revenge, the next he’s acting sweet and supportive).

Here’s an excerpt from the prologue:

My night was perfect until he showed up.

I mean, I was at my small stall by the roadside, happily selling corns to the pedestrians. Business was good and I get to eat corn whenever I feel like it.
Yes, it was perfect in my dictionary.

Then, he showed up in all his drunken glory, totally killing off my previously perfect night.

He threw up on one of the customers and who had to apologize to him?
Want to take a wild guess here?
That’s right, I was the one who had to apologize while he went to barf some more on another customer.

In a matter of seconds, I had lost all my customers.

I thought he was going to leave but he sat at one of the tables, totally ruining the possibility of any other customers coming to my stall.

I could have called the police to lock him up. After all, drinking is illegal for our age. He would be locked up for sure.
I could have dragged him to some place other than my stall.
I could have chased him away with a broom stick.

But I didn’t.

Well, truth be told, I really couldn’t.

See why Bom couldn’t chase Seunghyun away by clicking this link ^^

As always, I’d love to hear from you guys if you get a chance to read the fic ^_^

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